Rewards and Recognition Programs for Motivating Employees

Motivating Employees

A work place that is filled with satisfied and motivated employees results in happy and satisfied customers. Motivated employees are much more productive; they work more efficiently and can be considered an asset of the organization. Having emphasized the importance and relevance of the highly motivated staff, it is also imperative to understand that there are certain factors within the company that affect the motivation level of the employees.

Reward and recognition play a very important role in boosting the morale of the employees. It is not imperative that the reward is always bestowed in a monetary form since everyone is not stimulated by the prospects of a few extra dollars in their pockets.
Keeping this diversity in mind, organizations strive to create and implement innovative reward and recognition programs that make use of diverse ways of rewarding their employees. These rewards may include incentive travel, day-off or free dinner vouchers for the whole family.

Rewards and Recognition Programs for Motivating Employees 203x300 Rewards and Recognition Programs for Motivating EmployeesThe fundamental aspect of devising an effective recognition program is to create one that suits everyone in the team. The best way to do it is by having discussions with the members of the team. It is also essential that everyone in the team understands what their objectives are and whether they are fulfilling them.

The company must implement a system that appreciates high performers and motivates underperformers. It must be made known to the employees what the organization expects of them and how it is willing to award those who fulfil the company’s expectations.

An all-inclusive reward and recognition program is one that includes every employee of the company rather than treating one or two departments as favourites. This gives the employees a feeling of equality. An effective system of recognition and reward makes sure that each and every member of the team knows that his work is important, and his inputis essential in the overall performance of the organization.

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