Rewarded employees make a happy company

As a business owner or manager, you can agree with me that your employees are the very backbone of your organisation. They work for you, with you, and under you to build your products, market and sell them to your customers, which in return give you profit to continue expanding your business.

But how are you rewarding them for their efforts? Do you think their “big” salaries are enough? Are vacation and sick leaves okay? You might be thinking, “do rewards actually motivate people?”


They motivate people to work harder.

Giving rewards unexpectedly. Promising rewards in advance is not always a good decision as a failure to keep up with your intended result/s can stress employees or even cause them to blame one another. Give rewards unexpectedly so that your employees don’t change their motivations and concentrate on the reward.

Using gamification. You might already have heard this before. Gamification is a great way to reward all your employees at once. Gamification adds a new level of interest to routinary (even boring) tasks and can boost your engagement while setting a fun, competitive atmosphere for your employees. offers a list of top gamification software for you to consider. Gamification can make your employees feel less like they’re being pushed to work hard without acknowledgement, and more like you want to have fun with them while rewarding their work results. It won’t even matter what the game is or what you’re raffling off. It could be as simple as a movie ticket or a free lunch. They’ll appreciate your effort to make the workplace a little more exciting.

Setting small events. Throw a small office celebration once in a while. Try celebrating monthly birthdays or company anniversaries with special cakes, iced with employees’ names.

Provide catered lunches during important business events to show your workers that you appreciate all of their efforts. You can make use of any excuse you can find to set a modest employee appreciation event. This will serve as reinforcement to the idea of continuous gratitude.

Rewarding publicly. It’ll be better for the whole organisation if everyone knows what work is appreciated and why. Doing a regular public reminder works even better than a private one.

Continuously rewarding. It may be a simple presentation or a sale. Every day can be a day to celebrate something where you can offer an opportunity to reward a job well done.

Rewarding behaviours, and not just outcomes. Some outcomes, even good ones can be achieved through shortcuts while behaviour is about effort and hard work.

Rewarding peers as well. Peers often know more than managers which of their coworkers deserve a reward.

Indeed, every hardworking employee deserves to be valued by their employer. You can use these strategies and implement them immediately in your workplace. Your human resource department must be in this effort. To properly train the HR department and higher management, you will require an effective human resource management counselling from ICLIF, which is a leadership and governance centre that addresses various workplace challenges.

What reward methods are you currently implementing at your workplace, if any? Have you tried anything different that’s not part of this list? Share it with us!

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