Remember Your Security at Christmas

The weeks before Christmas are among the busiest of the year for many people, and for many retailers, as everyone gets ready for the biggest holiday of the year. For many of us, the festive season will mean leaving home, at least for a night or two, so it pays to consider your security and check you have adequate insurance cover.

Sadly, burglars are also busy over Christmas. The holiday spirit often means people let their guard down, but also, with electronic gadgets and jewelry so popular as gifts, there is often a lot on offer for opportunist thieves.

It shouldn’t be a time for panic or paranoia but occasionally things will happen to spoil your party so follow a few easy steps to minimise the risk. Keep things magical for you and your family.

Don’t Advertise to Burglars

Social media can be a very easy place for burglars to find empty houses. The gloating post from you about heading off to the sun tells would-be thieves that you’ll be away for at least a week.

Even if you’re not going away, think. Don’t put empty boxes out for the rubbish collections too soon or you simply promote what’s new and inside and, social media again, think carefully about which Christmas presents you choose to talk about.

Buy an inexpensive timer to make sure lights come on when you’re away, and have your answering machine suggest you’re ‘busy’ rather than visiting relatives for a few days.

Tell A Trusted Neighbour

Leave a contact telephone number with a neighbour, and if you must, a key. Don’t be tempted to leave a key under a doormat or stone at the front door – it’s the first place a burglar will look. Set your alarm if you have one.

Lock Up

If you are lighting up the garden with fairy lights or other decorations, try solar power. Avoid running an extension cable through a window left ajar.

Make sure sheds, garages and outbuildings are secured, too. Tools and bikes are easy targets, but it’s also where burglars are likely to find ladders to reach upstairs windows.

If The Worst Should Happen

Take contact numbers with you if you are travelling over the festive period, such as the BT customer service number if you need help getting in touch with home.

Should the worst happen, make sure you know your rights and contact your insurer as soon as you can. Click here for more information from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau if you have any queries about your treatment or contacting the ombudsman.

Being prepared beforehand will leave you free to enjoy the big event without having to worry about all the ‘what ifs,’ so it’s well worth adding in a little time for this into your festive schedule. Keep your mobile charged and important numbers with you: telephone numbers but also insurance policy numbers. You would do the same if you were travelling abroad. Merry Christmas!


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