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Relocation Of Children


Can my ex-partner move away with my children without my permission?

Yes – unless you have a Court Order in place preventing them from doing so.

Relocation Of Children Recovery Order Rights– Relocation Of Children – Go To CourtWhat can be done?

If you have a court order that the children are to live with you and the other parent relocates the children without your consent, you can instruct a lawyer to file a Recovery Order in the Family Court.  A Recovery Order allows the police to intervene, if necessary, and return the children to you.

If you do not have any orders in place regarding the children, your lawyer will file for a Recovery Order and at the same time apply for Parenting Orders in which the court will make orders regarding the children’s living arrangements recovery order.

What does the court take into account when making a Relocation Order?

In considering whether one parent can relocate the children, the court takes into account a number of factors.  First and foremost the court takes into account the best interests of the child and considers the relationship between the children and the other parent and the likely effect on the children of any changes in circumstances.

The court also considers the practical aspects of the move, including the distance the children would have to travel to see the other parent and the costs of travel.  The further away the other parent wants to move often makes it harder for the children to maintain a good relationship with the other parent.

The court has to balance these issues with the desires of the parent who may wish to relocate in order to (for example) take up a job opportunity or commence a new relationship.

What to do?

If you are concerned about relocation of children it is very important to get urgent, expert family law advice.  For more information and to speak with a lawyer about your children contact Go To Court Lawyers in Sydney on (02) 8006 0530.

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