Quality Speed Humps That Surpass Standard Safety Regulations

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Top quality is a prerequisite when it comes to traffic supplies as the wear and tear faced by them is far more than other components endure. This is where one of the leaders in the Australian markets for traffic supplies plays a pivotal role.

speed hump Quality Speed Humps That Surpass Standard Safety RegulationsBarsec are well acquainted with the vital requirements that are critical to road traffic safety and every product is specifically manufactured to adhere to the highest standards of quality – not just for Australian roads, but across the globe. They use eco-friendly materials that cater to the safety of people as well as the environment.

Of course the rugged outback and harsh climate down under necessitates using products that can endure heavy duty vehicular traffic as well as the elements, without deteriorating swiftly. The speed humps produced by Barsec utilise native raw materials that are suited for the terrain and climate and can be recycled.

Installation of speed humps

The specific purpose of installing these is to make certain that speed limits are not exceeded and to reduce speed in areas of high pedestrian traffic such as schools, residential areas, car parks etc. They are designed to ensure the safety of pedestrian traffic and slash costs caused by damage from accidents. Companies find they are an asset to their business.

For optimal use speed humps should be installed in a sequence, ideally separated by a distance of 10 metres apart and visible from 200 feet away. These measurements are proven to maintain the reduction of speed in pedestrian areas whilst not over-impeding passing vehicles.

Furthermore, speed humps should conform to Type 2 hump regulations, with the size and type of products being of paramount importance subject to load, type of vehicles, weather conditions in the area and visibility.

Barrier Group is a progressive and innovative Australian company that designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of workplace safety, car park solutions, crowd control barricades and forklift separation barriers for private, institutional and occupational environments.

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