Protecting your car in the summer or winter

Not everyone drives their car all the time, and the truth is that when you leave it outside, it might become exposed to the elements, a lot of dirt and dust, as well as bird droppings, which in case you didn’t know, contain acid. If you are the lucky owner of a sports car, for example, you have to do everything that is in your power to protect your investment. Otherwise, failing to do so will prove to be counterproductive and will ruin your vehicle in the long run.

Let’s look at some simple tips that you might want to consider for storing your car effectively both during the summer and in winter.

Clean it regularly

As we have noted before, bird droppings can be pretty dangerous because if you do not clean them as quickly as possible, they might leave stains that could potentially damage the paint to such an extent that you might have to get a new paint job. The same goes for water stains. If you’ve ever heard of acid rain, you know what we mean.

Before placing your automobile in storage, give it a good cleaning and make sure to apply a decent amount of wax, too. Wash out everything from the fenders to the undercarriage and even the wheel wells.

Oil, battery, and tank

Change the oil if you wish to keep your car in storage for a period of several months because it contains acidic elements and those could cause damage to your engine. The tank needs to be filled to the top, if possible, and it might actually be a good idea for you to use fuel stabilizer, too. This practice will prevent rust from building up in the system, and the internal seals will be kept lubricated with a full tank.

Charge your battery fully before placing your car in storage. Every two to three weeks, check on it and charge it again. A fully discharged battery can become permanently damaged in winter.

What about keeping it covered?

Unfortunately, not all people can benefit from owning a garage, but there are ways of going around this problem. You can either rent a place in someone else’s garage or you can get a car canopy, so at least your vehicle will be covered in the hot season. There are some ways of protecting your car even in winter when a canopy might prove to be useless depending on its design.

You can get a tent for your automobile or build a shed in your backyard. If the area you live in sees alarming temperatures in that your car might actually freeze, a shed will be able to provide at least part of the protection it needs. As a final piece of advice, we would recommend starting the engine regularly to heat it up just a little and make sure that it still functions correctly.

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