How to Print Better Vinyl Banners

Banners are a great way to attract attention to your event or your business. With the right design and an eye-catching message they can make a real difference to your business visibility. You can use banners to promote a sale or a store opening, an event, or a product. Whatever the reason for using pvc banners, make sure that you are creating the right impression by focusing on your design and message.

Remember Size Matters

When you are considering what size banner you need for your business, consider how far away it needs to be seen. Obviously larger banners will be more visible over long distances. If you want a banner to be visible within a smaller space then a smaller overall banner will be best. All kinds of banners including personalised banners will provide you with adequate space for your message but it is wise to keep your message simple and concise.

Limit Fonts

It is not a good idea with banner printing to go overboard on the number of fonts you are using. Try to stick to one font, or maybe two, as this will present a professional and quality look to your pvc banners. Too many fonts make the banner look untidy and make it difficult for people to read.

Limit Words and Images

You may have plenty of space on a very large display banner but you shouldn’t fill it up with small text. No one has the time, or wants to spend the time, to read a banner with a lot of text. So your message will therefore be lost. Be concise with what you say and make sure that you are not using three words when one will do. If you need to, use bullet points to organise your information. Similarly, too many images can be off-putting as the main design of the banner is cluttered and unappealing. Use images wisely, opting for a central large image rather than lots of smaller images.

Use Colour Combinations Correctly

It is not a good idea to put light-coloured text onto a light background as this will not be read. Use contrasting colours for the main message. A white background for banner printing is always effective, and it does not necessarily make your pop up banner more visible if you print onto orange or yellow, or another fluorescent colour.

Lose the Unnecessary Logos

If you are running an event with partner institutions, or you want to advertise an event with a number of different locations, stop logo overload by choosing only those ones that are completely necessary and making sure you leave plenty of white space so that the logos stand out without drawing attention away from the main banner message.

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