Notion: The New All-In-One Home Monitoring Security System

Most of the home security systems available today use a variety of sensors to monitor homes. You can easily tell if a window or door is opened or closed, but then you’ll need a separate sensor to determine the status of the garage door. And if you need protection from water damage, you’ll need a moisture sensor for that purpose.


As technology progresses, so do home security systems. It is not just about surveillance cameras or avoiding getting locked out of the house. You can now tell if someone is walking around your home, or if your smoke or carbon-monoxide alarm goes off when you’re not home. How? All of this is possible with the help of the notion sensor.

Like most other derives, this monitoring system relies on sensors; the only difference, the notion is constructed to do the job of several types of sensors. The Notion’s single sensors is built to detect: motion, light, sound, water, angular rate, natural frequency, temperature, and acceleration.

It is comprised of three basic elements which are all compatible with Android 4.3 or newer and iOS 8 or newer:

  • The sensor
  • The bridge
  • The app

The app and the bridge allow a user to connect and monitor the sensors, which gives permission to monitor your home from any location.

Anyone who has had home security monitoring systems certainly understands how difficult they can be. False alarms go off more often than real ones, not to mention the hefty monitoring fees to maintain them on a monthly basis.

With notion, you can install the system yourself. The other good thing about this system is that there are no on-going monthly monitoring fees. Moreover, the customizable system comes in varied sizes to suit the needs of the householder. The Notion will be available on the market after September of this year.

This unique security system can be used to monitor events from the windows and doors, the temperature of the home, water leakage, and the opening and closing of the garage door. Users can also avoid accidental house lockout and configure the settings to get the information they request.

That information is sent via Android app or the user’s i Phone, and updates are available intermittently throughout the day or night and while the security aspects of this device are put forward, it can do a whole lot more.



For example, the notioncan be used to check if safes and gun cabinets are locked. Thisdevice can even be configured to send alerts when your propane tank is running low, or when someone opens the refrigerator.

All this is made possible with the different sensors that work together through your home’s WIFI, and all data is encrypted to make sure that your privacy is upheld.

With all the new skills and tactics of thieves and burglars, installing the notion home security system is certainly something to think about. Not only will it assist with problem areas, it’s much cheaper, and does the work of many traditional security systems combined.

Additionally, though it can be installed on your own, getting the help of a professional locksmith to assist with installation is an option to contemplate.


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