New Trends in Business Cards


Business isn’t the same as it was twenty years ago — or even ten years ago. Companies are going online, using social media outlets to drum up business, and connecting with customers in ways that weren’t possible a few years ago.

Everything has gone digital: We don’t use a rolodex or phone book anymore because of our smartphones. But what about the business card?

What type of business do you own?

If you own a more traditional business with a demographic that’s older and less likely to be impressed with a flashy card, you might want to stick with something that’s more standard. However, no matter what your business is, you’ll need to have some standard items on your business card.

For example, if you’re running a business that sells nylon washers and gaskets to commercial operations, you will need your name, logo, and contact information, and something that separates you from the competition. If your company has social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook, it’s a good idea to add these onto the card as well.

Make sure that you utilize the white space on the card. If you’re going for a more traditional look, your business card needs to have a lot of empty space. This is a crucial design element that will make the card much more appealing for the customer to look at it.

Your business card is like a snapshot; you don’t want it to be too crucial or else no one will take the time to read it.

That being said …

If you’re running a more creative business, you can have a lot more fun with your business cards. You can play around with color or typeface, angle the writing, or design a minimalist front side of the card. People in creative fields can really go to town with their business cards and have a great time when they design them.

Technology and business cards

If you’re really willing to utilize everything technology has to offer with regard to business cards, you can have interactive business cards. These can include anything from cards that use augmented reality with your smartphone to cards that are printed on Legos, elastic bands, or small yoga mats.

Companies have also used bamboo business cards, which look like screenshots of Tweets, and even cards with little turntables on them that actually make noise when you spin them.

It might seem strange to have your company’s business information printed on anything other than a white card. But the fact of the matter is that a traditional business card needs to be extremely well done, and non-traditional business cards can be a real boost for business.

Having something on hand to be able to give people is still a tried and true way to drive up business. If you’re creative with the business card, you can make a mark in people’s minds and make them choose you instead of another company.

Remember that gasket and nylon washer company I mentioned earlier? A creative way to use technology in your business cards would be to design one that folds into a tool. People who are in the market for gaskets and nylon washers are probably fairly useful with tools, and there are lots of tools that can be fashioned into ultra-thin, pliable tools.

Print your business information on them and start handing them out.

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