A New Century, Surprising New Technology Solutions

Finding New Developments That Are Truly Advantageous

Have you seen Star Trek? Remember how innovative it was for Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to have communications ability through the advent of the communicator? Imagine, a little device you can store in your pocket which simply flips open and allows you to communicate with the “home base” in space.

Well, today, ironically enough, that technology is actually slightly antiquated. Cellular phones gave way to smartphones, and now the smartphone in your pocket has greater computational ability than the entirety of NASA during the initial missions to the moon!

So isn’t it interesting that the future saw communicators as a development, and not only did we get a similar kind of innovation, but that which we received ultimately ended up being much more powerful! Yet what the crew of the Enterprise never had were computer screens that brought high definition images to small spaces.

The “screen” of the enterprise is antiquated when you think about it; it would be just as easy to have all the bug-eyed aliens show up on a private smartphone, and the rest of the crew need not be made aware of the interaction!

The point is, actual technological breakthroughs often supersede those in even the wildest fiction, and that should be interesting to anybody. Take gloves, as a for-instance. You’d never think the technology of gloves could be improved, right? We made it to the latex iteration of these clothing solutions, is there anything further?

Courting The Singularity
As it turns out, there is. Sometimes “older” gloves can be inconvenient. So now, there are modern technology solutions via chemistry like invisible glove lotion which, as AeroInStock.com notes, “…is a non-abrasive, non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic hand pomade that eliminates the need for rubber gloves.”

What! This is a solution that not only simplifies many working applications, but is better for the environment, less wasteful, more cost-effective, and totally futuristic in a way that nobody is likely to have seen coming.

Then you get to things like quantum computing, cloud computing, the Internet of Things—so many different innovations today are totally changing the world we live in. In the 20th century, atomic power was seen as the truly game-changing technological breakthrough. What will it be in the 21st century?

Well there are many speculations, but one of the most popular is that the “Singularity” will occur. If you’re unfamiliar with the “Singularity”, this is when computational powers exceed those of the human brain. Perhaps there will even be actual artificial intelligence; who knows? Maybe computers will fly planes.

Whatever the case, when you’re working in fields like aircraft maintenance and engineering, you want to remain abreast of developing technological solutions. New things are coming down the pipeline every day, and if you don’t have your finger on the pulse of technology, there is definitely negative fallout to be absorbed.

Get On The Tech Train, Perhaps?
You could end up paying too much money for resources that really shouldn’t cost you anything, or you could end up unnecessarily compromising yourself and others by failing to utilize safety measures which are easy to come by, and relatively affordable, considering.

If you’re working with technology, modernity poses an open field of developmental solutions, innovations, and applications that consistently overarch the grasp of even the most imaginative popular fiction. They’ve got pomade rubber glove alternatives; who knows? Maybe the future of space suits will be the same.

Perhaps in fifty years we’ll jump through some kind of spacesuit bubble-making machine made of nano-computer particles, then levitate through a slipstream to the planetary resort city of Gemini Prime. The sky’s the limit! Or…is it?

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