New Business? The 5 Types of People You Need to Employ

So, you’ve picked a name for your business and it’s time to register a company name with Companies House or via company formation such as and inform the HRMC of your new venture. The next step is to get a team together, you need to have a good think about the people that you decide to take on board with you. In order to help your business to succeed from the offset, you need to make sure that you’ve selected the right people on your team, especially when starting out on a new venture.

Perhaps consider it to be like cooking a meal; you need to make sure that the recipe you have works and that you have all the right ingredients available. For this reason, we will outline the five different kinds of people that we think you need to employ.

  1. A Person Who is Imaginative

To get the ball rolling you need to find one person who is imaginative and creative. This person will come up with ideas and is able to troubleshoot any issues that you may face along the way. This type of person has the ability to see the end result of what you hope to achieve.

  1. A Person Who Pays Attention to Detail

A person who is imaginative will need to have someone who focusses on attention to detail to work alongside them. This way they can put their heads together and come up with a plan which is necessary on order to make your product/service work. The role of this person is also to do the research behind what you plan to offer and show how the idea could work.

  1. A Person Who is Organised

The next person who you need in the mix is someone who is organised and can put a plan in place and make what is a concept real. This person can create a system that needs to be followed in order to get the concept up and running and is can also ensure that everyone understands what their role is.

  1. A Person to Actually Create your Product/Service

If your business requires you to actually produce a product, for example, then you will need someone who can fulfil this part i.e. an engineer or a developer. You’ve now almost got your full team together.

  1. A Person Who Likes to Hit a Deadline

The final person that you need to have on your team is that person who can make sure you meet your deadline. This person may be somewhat impatient, but they will keep you and your business on track. It could be that this person isn’t the most likeable one in your team, but they are needed in order to make sure that you achieve what you set out to.


Once you’ve got your team of five together you need to carefully consider how you will make them work together. You need to ensure that the way your team interact with each other works well. It will mean that you need to plan how you arrange your team cleverly and make sure that you blend the different personalities and attributes well from the offset.

Even if you do this planning and organise your team in what you feel is the best way possible, it can still go wrong. We all have high hopes when we hire people, but you need to make sure that you are grounded and that you may hit obstacles along your way. Don’t expect things to be perfect as this will just result in you wasting your time on futile expectations and ultimately affect the overall success of your new business venture.

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