We Need More Tax Professionals

Recent studies complied by Northeastern University found that there are more than 140 million individual tax returns and an additional 2 million corporate tax returns filed each year. While the government and the IRS are doing their best to make our taxation system more comprehensible, there are still taxes that are tricky and difficult to calculate. The majority of taxpayers rely on tax professionals to help them with their returns. Unfortunately, we still need more tax professionals to meet the ever increasing demand.

Fortunately, top masters in taxation programs are preparing students for taxation jobs as we speak. It is a growing field and a very rewarding one too. Students who start with their master’s degree in taxation today will graduate to a booming market in just 16 to 24 months. Even better, the available programs are also available online.why-america-needs-tax-professionals

Find out more about Why America Needs Tax Professionals from the complete infographic by onlinebusiness.northeastern.edu.

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