Myths About Buying Twitter Followers Revealed Out

Today, there is a lot of half truth, misinformation and misconceptions about buying twitter followers and there are several myths surrounding it.

  • No Benefits:

Many people believe that buying twitter followers has no benefit. But in reality, buying twitter followers come with countless benefits. As you go from zero to thousand followers, your credibility in social media sky rockets. Moreover, you will be recognized among the tweeters, customers, peers and potential followers. You will also be getting more organic followers in natural way. Your business also looks more credible and become socially active. Your social proof will attract more visitors who can be converted into potential customers easily.

  • Giving Away Your Password:

This is one of the most popular myths about buying Twitter followers. You need not give your password away to the companies selling twitter followers. Of course, you were asked to give earlier, but this activity was not in practice now. If you choose to buy twitter followers from a reputable company, you need not give your password. A reliable company selling twitter followers will ask just for your user name and not the password.

  • Getting Banned:

Buying twitter followers never gets your account banned unless you reveal out your password. In fact giving away your password is against the terms and conditions of twitter. The notion is that you will only be banned if you do not adhere to the terms and conditions of twitters strictly. Of course you will be banned if you choose to work with companies that promise followers by following and unfollowing targeted users aggressively. Follow the thumb rule- don’t reveal out your twitter password to anyone.

  • Getting Fake Followers:

There are many twitter buyers complaining that they have bought fake followers who have not changed even their profile image or even tweeted. This can be true only if you buy twitter followers from fake companies or cheap providers but it is definitely not the case when you go with leading players like Devumi who offer reliable and trustworthy, active users.

  • Need To Follow Back:

Gone are those days when it is extremely crucial to follow back the twitter followers you purchased. Many users got confused with it and even found hard to do so. You must remember that you are spending your hard earned money to purchase followers. Being that the case, why do you want to follow them? As long as you purchase them from trustworthy companies, you need not do anything to remain popular. All you need is to just lean back in your chair comfortably and watch the followers pouring in.

  • Getting Your Account Spammed:

Many people fear that there is any possibility for the companies that sell followers to spam followers from the account. The truth is that there is no way. It could happen only if you give away your password or provide permission for companies to message or tweet others through your account. Unless you give your password, your account will remain safe and free from spam.

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