Most Common Car Repairs You Will Need To Make

If you want your car to run as it should, you need to go through basic maintenance. Motorists need to know things like checking tires, changing fluids, filters and more in order to avoid really expensive repairs in the future. There are numerous vehicle parts that you will change as a car owner but some repairs are definitely more common than others.

Below you can find the really common car repairs that every single vehicle owner needs to be aware of, according to the experience of Pickerings Auto. Learn all that you can about the repairs so that you can be prepared when the need to get repairs done appears.

Oil Filters And Oil

The engine oil of a vehicle needs to be changed every 5,000 miles or according to the manufacturer, based on make and model. The way in which you drive the car also influences oil change need, together with driving condition. The oil filters can easily wear down and they need frequent replacements or at least checks.

Wiper Blades

The wiper blades should be replaced whenever they are chattering, streaking, torn, cut or cracked. Also, you should seriously consider changing them every 6 months.

Air Filters

These need to be replaced at least one time per year. More often changes are necessary in the event that the air has high quantities of contaminants or the efficiency of the heating/cooling system is lower than usual.

Scheduled Maintenance

You will have to take your car to be checked when maintenance is scheduled. Usually, this will include checks for engine performance, fluids, filters and oil. Tires, belts, engine lights, appearance, brake services and air conditioning are also checked during scheduled maintenance.


Tires have to be rotated every 6,000 miles or so. A replacement will always be needed in the event that tread depth is under the legal minimum requirements. This is also the case when sidewalls are highly cracked or they are punctured.


Every single year you need to check your brakes. This includes brake shoes, pads, drums, rotors, fluid and calipers. The brake fluid has to be changed ever 3 years or based on the indications of the manufacturer. The owner’s manual features this information.


The connections of the battery have to be corrosion free, tight and clean. When your battery is over 3 years old, you have to test it to see if a replacement is necessary or not.


Coolant levels have to be changed at intervals specified by the manufacturer. Always use the appropriate antifreeze.

Wheels Balanced/Aligned

You have to check the alignment of your car at least one time per year. Also, whenever you see that there is uneven wear or handling is improper, the same needs to be done. Wheel alignment also has to be performed whenever you buy new tires for optimum maneuverability.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, the repairs and tasks needed above are just some that could be considered. You do need to check your car often and whenever you feel that there is something bad, go to the shop to get the vehicle checked.

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