Misconceptions about car accidents

Car accidents are very common nowadays. Every single day, there is someplace where a car accident can be seen. This is due to the reckless driving of today’s driver. Most of the times, many misconnections lead people for not doing anything against the accident or the driver. People don’t know the truth and just go with what they hear. So, you should clear all of them. Here are some of the misconceptions that you should remove.

You can’t file a case against small vehicles

Right now, we are talking about car accidents, so we will be talking about the same. People often think that you can get the claim if it was a heavy vehicle. However, it is definitely not so. Even if it was a small car accident in Portland, you can contact Portland car accident lawyer and get things done as soon as possible. Don’t waste much of your time. You shouldn’t go with this if the injury was small enough.

Are Wages and Salaries Covered in the Claim?

There is a big misconception people have is that claim does not cover wages and Salaries. You can claim all the lost wages and salaries. You will need a good lawyer for this or they won’t be able to get the claim money. Once you get the best lawyer, Just tell them about the number of days you were not able to be there in the office and how much wage or salary you have lost due to the same. They will send a legal notice, there are a good amount of chances that you will get your lost wages. Moreover, you can also get some of the money as you have been suffering from a lot of pain as well as injuries. Most of the people think that they can only get money for the bills and other things are not included in the claim. This is the misconception and you should remove this.

Lawyers charge to consult

Gone are the days when you would have to pay the money just to get the consultation. Today, most of the lawyers offer a free consultation. It is not that everyone offers one but most of the popular lawyers do offer the same. So, you can rely on them and share the entire case with them Most often, you can just open their official website and check out the consultation form. You will be able to find a form where they will ask you for certain details. Fill all of them accurately and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Share your entire case with them and get a free consultation of car accidents.

Lawyers are too costly

The other thing that people believe is, they think that you will have to pay a ton of money to a lawyer if you want to get the claim amount. However, it is not so. Lawyers nowadays are affordable and won’t cost you much money. So, you can surely get a Portland car accident lawyer and get all the claim money back.


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