Microsoft & GoDaddy Join Together for Small Businesses


It was announced just last Monday that Microsoft and GoDaddy will partner up to provide new management solutions for small businesses using GoDaddy’s web hosting service . Over 12 million of GoDaddy’s small business customers will now have access to three of Microsoft’s packaged offerings: Email Essentials, Business Essentials, and Productivity Plus.


This partnership is likely to revolutionize the manner in which many small businesses manage their online affairs as it is now possible to centralize most essential business function. This is also a chance for Microsoft to gain traction in a market that is increasingly dominated by tech giants like Google and Amazon.


Microsoft Looks to Rival Google’s Toolkit


Email Essentials, Microsoft’s answer to Gmail, business owners can create and manage email addresses assigned to their domain. For example, if you have a domain named, you’ll be able to use Email Essentials to automatically setup an email address like [email protected] Up to 5GB of email storage space and 2GB of SkyDrive cloud storage comes with Email Essentials and this is likely to expand as the cloud continues to grow at an exponential rate.


Business Essentials, Microsoft’s second package, is a step up from Email Essentials. It includes all of the features from Email Essentials plus 25GB of SkyDrive storage and access to some of Microsoft Office’s web apps. Business owners can use the Office web apps to create and share spreadsheets, word documents, slideshows, and more. These documents can then be stored on SkyDrive to serve as a business document archive. 25GB is plenty of storage space for most business owners.


The third and most expensive package, Productivity Plus, gives business owners five licenses for the full Microsoft Office desktop suite, which can be used on both PCs and Macs. On top of that, this package grants access to the Office mobile apps on Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android.


Increased Support and Improved Productivity


Small business owners in the US often find themselves struggling without the support from IT & marketing specialists. GoDaddy and Microsoft, and a slew of smaller hosting companies, hope to make a step in the right direction by providing more options for business owners who need web management tools to get the job done. These offerings allow for simple, fast automated setup of email and cloud-based servers for business owners.


The small business owner literally only has to type in a password in order to get up and running and we configure everything else behind the scenes,” Steven Aldrich, the senior vice president of Business Applications at GoDaddy, confidently stated. “That’s compared to the 8 to 30 steps that you’d have to go through normally to get a domain-based email to work.”


Office 365 is the fastest-growing product in Microsoft history. With GoDaddy’s customer base of 12 million small business owners, Office 365 is going to see a further boost in usage statistics. GoDaddy & Microsoft believe that this will help strengthen and modernize small businesses.


We’re excited that GoDaddy has chosen to exclusively offer Office 365 to its small- business customers, giving them easy and supported access to productivity tools being used by some of the most successful businesses in the world,” said John Case, corporate vice president for Microsoft Office, stated in a press release. “GoDaddy’s relationship with small businesses combined with Office 365, the fastest-growing Microsoft product in history, will help bring the benefits of Office 365 and modern cloud services to even more companies, whether they’re seeking to modernize how they do business or simply starting up.”


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