Michael Briese – How To Get More Followers On Social Media

Social media has not only changed the internet, it has changed our lives and humans on the whole have never communicated more than they are right now. Everywhere in the World that you go, you will find people taking selfies, uploading their social media accounts to tell everyone what they are doing or even recording live videos like by buddy Michael Briese. This boom in social media has not only created a platform where we can keep up with our friends and let them know what we are doing, it is platform whereby we receive your latest news and it has in fact turned many people into miniature celebrities.

Many of us are quite narcissistic at heart and we love nothing more than when our posts get shared right across the social spectrum. gaining more popularity on social media however, whether it is for your personal account or a business account, is not easy and her are some tips for how you can do it.

Buy Them

Believe it or not you can actually buy social media followers on almost all social media platforms. This sis a great way of boosting your business exposure if you have a company account and you can actually target followers who already like things within your niche. The return on investment for buying followers is tough to measure but one thing that is for sure is that you are pretty much guaranteed to gain far wider exposure for your business.

Creating Quality

Whilst consistency in how often you post is important, something that is more important is that you are posting items which are of high quality and high value to people. You cannot expect people to share the things that you post if they don’t see value in it for them. Try to think first about what you are sharing and see if you can add any improvements to it or more ways for your followers to interact with it. I you spend this extra time on your post then you will see far more interaction from your followers.


You need the influencers on social media to be on your side and if you can strike up solid relationships with them then they can help you to share your stuff or at least comment on your posts which can help you to grow in popularity.

Go Viral

Going viral is a surefire way to get more followers and if you can achieve this feat then you will be fighting off new followers. More often than not, people do not plan do go viral, it is something that just happens but usually viral videos are something that is shocking, sensational or extremely funny, if you can upload a video like this then you could be seeing plenty of new followers in no time at all.

Remember to alway be original with your posts and to consistently post high quality material, remember that you are not just going after new followers but looking to maintain your existing followers too.

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