Marketing Strategies to Watch Out For in 2017

As the internet grows and develops, so does the world of marketing. New strategies emerge and old ones evolve and change to fit the needs of users. More people are choosing to market their businesses themselves, instead of turning to professional marketing teams. If you’d like to do this consider an online MBA to help you learn about all these tips and more in greater detail.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is already huge, but looks set to continue to grow. Sharing your website and posts on social media platforms allows you to instantly reach a much wider and larger audience than you would normally. Setting up your website to display social share buttons also gives you the bonus of your viewers being able to share things they like with their friends or followers, allowing you to reach even more potential customers. Another trick social media marketers can use is personal marketing. It allows us to target individual users, and market things to them based on their age, location, gender, as well as their search histories and their past likes, follows or shares. Personal marketing looks set to be much more widely used in 2017.

Blog Marketing

Thousands of new blogs are set up every day, covering a wide range of different topics. A growing trend currently is businesses either setting up a separate blog, or adding a blog section to their current websites. This allows them to update the site regularly with informative and entertaining content, utilizing SEO to reach a new audience, and then engaging with their viewers via replying to comments and emails, as well as becoming an active member of the blogging world. This builds a fantastic level of customer loyalty. In a world with so much competition, loyalty is incredibly important and shouldn’t be overlooked.


In a strange twist, we often skip adverts on television now live TV recording is more common, but video marketing online is growing. Google look set to add videos to search results soon, which will see the use of video marketing continue to rise.


Your website really needs to be cross-platform utilized. More than ever, people are viewing the internet on a smartphone or tablet. Your site needs to look great and function well on all devices. With so many websites, you need to offer a fantastic user experience to keep people interested.


Artificial intelligence still sounds a bit science fiction. But it isn’t, it’s here now. Siri, Cortana and others are AI. They are changing the way we search for things, with Google Rankbrain using its artificial intelligence to interpret search queries. Marketing professionals and those studying for a masters in business administration program will need to keep fully up to date on any emerging AI developments.

If you are interested in learning more about running a business, or just keeping up to date with marketing trends going forward, look into an online masters in business administration. A course like this will equip you with the skills you need to market your business well, and make it a huge success.

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