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Over the years Forex, trading has grown in popularity for those wishing to grow their financial portfolios. Forex trading in simple terms is the buying and selling of global currency with the end goal of profiting from the fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Currency traders vary in size from large hedge funds to individuals. There are hundreds of trading websites that provide trading services, but nothing like if you are new to Forex trading and want to learn more has you covered, as you will see in this review.

Overview of Marketstrade

Maketstrades is a broker website that provides a wide variety of services and accounts for currency traders of all levels. Their website is easy to navigate and has a wealth of information for traders wanting to learn more and sharpen their trading skills.

Account Types

No matter your experience with trading Marketstrade has an account that is right for you. Before you choose an account, you can try a demo account first. This is a very nice feature because it offers you a test run and helps you relax a bit before jumping in with both feet. Once you have tried a demo account you now can choose from the following:

Beginner’s account

Advanced account

VIP account

Live account

Available Products

As a broker, it is very important to have several products available to your traders. Here are the ones available at MarketsTrades.

Algo trading a simple automated trading algorithm that scans the market for you, all you have to do is collect your profits.

Crypto trading is trading of digital or virtual currency such as Bitcoin.

Commodity trading of metals, oils, and natural gas

Forex trading is the trading of global currency

Site Resources

It is always nice to find resources to enhance your experience to the website here are the resources listed in the drop-down menu on Markets Trades website.

Economic Calendar

Market Analysis RSS

Video Chart Analysis

Market News

Education Center



Technical Analysis


Under the trading tab, you will find links to MT5, MT5 download that is instant, mobile and web terminal

Pros and Cons

A review is not complete without knowing the good and the bad.

Pros – There are several good things going for this site the first being that the site loads quickly. The download for the software downloads quickly. The Terms and Conditions for the site are in pdf format and it too opens quickly and smoothly.

Now for the cons – The only con that you might find is some of the links found in the navigation drop-down menu take you to a page with no information or you might experience a 404 code. These issues are believed to be temporary due to the site might be under construction or they are experiencing technical issues.

In closing, is a good broker website for traders of all experiences with several choices of products, as well as a choice of account types, banking options for global traders.

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