Make the best use of your credit card

In this jet age everything is done with the help of technology. Everything has become very much easy whether it be doing online shopping, paying bills or booking tickets. Today we can easily transfer our money or make payments with the help of debit card, ATM machines and credit cards. Now whether you have cash in your pocket or not still you can purchase anything from anywhere in the world with the help of credit card. Credit card is just like a boon for all the shopping lovers. Now you can easily purchase designer jewelry, expensive gifts whenever you want to buy them. And all this can be done just by swiping a credit card

Now a days many companies offer attractive offers to sell their credit cards and add on cards. The credit card allows you to make purchases without cash. You have to make the payment of your bill within a time limit given by bank. The money which you have to submit is counted from the day of billing. The time span between the billing cycle periods is also called as ‘interest free period’. But the drawback is that if you don’t pay your credit within the time provided to you then the company will charge a huge interest. The company gives you relaxation for either paying your credit all together or on the monthly basis. But do you think that you are swiping your card in right manner? Are you making the best use of your credit card? You should remember this thing that there are no free lunches in this world, so why would a company provide you free credit card facilities. Each company offers different services to its clients. Most of the companies offer four types of credit cards that are regular credit cards, silver credit card, Gold credit card and platinum credit card. Each card is more expensive than the previous one and thus avails more facilities too.

So, before choosing a particular category of credit card, you should think how it will be beneficial to you. Whenever you use the credit card, the companies will courier you the details of amount you spent with your credit card and gives you a time period to pay that. Always keep in mind to pay your credit card amount on time otherwise you have to bear the hefty interest on your bill. Although, you must have known a bit about your credit card but this knowledge is not sufficient to use your card in the best manner. There are lot many things you should keep in mind while using your credit card. Here are some tips and tricks that you should follow to use your credit card smartly and get the most benefits out of it.

  • If you are the owner of credit card, that doesn’t mean that you should purchase everything with your credit card. Try to use your credit card for the most important things which you need to purchase. Don’t use it in buying everyday items.
  • Always pay the bill on time or if possible, try to make the payment before the seven days of the last day of payment. It will save you from falling into a huge debt.
  • Never give your card or the pin code of your credit card to anyone until or unless he is trustworthy. Always keep it confidential.
  • Whenever you purchase the card, always ask for the credit free period of card and try to opt for that card which offers maximum free days to pay your bill.

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