Magento Gift Card/Certificate Extension


Retailers know the importance of giving back to their customers and making more options available. The online gift card is simply some sort of code that you can enter for future purchases. It will automatically remove the amount from the cost of your order. You can give them as presents to your friends, or the store can make them available to customers they want to reward.

Magento started in 2008 and its open source platform is contusive to addons like this. The Magento gift card /certificate extension enables you to add this functionality to your store. It’s just one of the many ways Magento can be extended to suit your store. Since there are no restrictions on template editing, you’re free to customise your store in whatever way you please.

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We take a look at this extension and some of the features it brings to your Magento eCommerce platform.

What Does it Do?

Add this module to your store and you can add the ‘Gift Card’ product type to your catalogue. This is reflected in the administration dashboard. All you need to do is choose the ‘Gift Card’ product type and you can add it. There are a number of options available for gift cards, including whether they’re virtual or physical.

The product page itself will have fields where customers can fill out the information of the recipient and add a custom message. Customers who have logged in will be able to fill in the sender details automatically.

This Magento extension will send the gift code to the recipient through email or the post. Valid and expired codes will appear in your administration area. You can also view when and where these codes are eventually used.

There are also facilities for adding multiple gift cards to a single purchase. Your store will stand out because a lot of popular stores won’t allow multiple gift cards on a single purchase.

Send Gift Cards to Customers

The store can award customers special gift cards by creating the product from the backend. You don’t have to make every product public. These individual gift cards can be programmed to go to one specific customer.

For example, you could send a gift card to each individual customer on their birthday, or during the Christmas holidays as a special reward.


Each time a code has been generated, this extension will automatically track it. You’ll be able to click on each individual code and find its history from creation. Information stored includes the purpose of the code, when it was used, who it was sent to, and whether it was used at all.

These statistics will better enable you to tailor your marketing campaigns in the future. The collective statistics from your codes will also be stored.

Flexible Expirations

You’re able to control the expiration dates of each individual gift code without changing the entire product. There are fields where you can specify how many days the code will remain valid.

Consider combining this extension with a separate email reminder extension. If a code hasn’t been used within a certain period of time, the email system would automatically send a reminder to motivate the recipient.

What Does it Cost?

The standard cost of this particular extension is $129, as of this writing. There are individual options for adding installation and having more support. Different prices for different versions of Magento also apply.

Overall, this is an extension that increases the functionality of Magento. Magento doesn’t add these features by default, and there are few plugins that add this option. By doing this, you’ll increase the usability of your site and make it more attractive to customers.

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