London Leases – Why Serviced Offices Are Overtaking Traditional Office Space In The UK

If you are looking for the next big thing in office spaces and working styles, then you have only to look at what many entrepreneurs and startups are already moving towards. The trend towards virtual offices, coworking, and even a fully serviced office in London is rapidly increasing, and for good reasons. These dynamic ways of operating your business boast several advantages that can significantly improve the day-to-day functioning of your company.


Serviced offices, for example, are a great solution for those who do not want to deal with the monotonous details of office management. If you prefer to get right down to business and move into a fully furnished office with all the fixings, you can prepare yourself to enjoy many of the other benefits of serviced offices as well.


Let’s take a closer look at why serviced offices are overtaking traditional office space in the UK.


All-Inclusive Office Amenities


Premium serviced offices provide your business with all the essential office infrastructure that you need to run it well. Rather than wasting valuable time and resources on sourcing, buying, and maintaining your office equipment, you can move right into a fully stocked and furnished office. This includes things like printing, copying, and scanning facilities as well as high-speed secure internet connections, already up and running and ready to go.


As a bonus, with premium serviced office providers you can expect to move into an unbranded environment. This can allow you to make the rental space your own and add professional touches to make the space perfect for your business.


Premium Locations


While office rental space is notoriously expensive in many of London’s premier business districts, with a serviced office you can dramatically cut down on costs, and still work out of a high-class location. Premium providers of serviced offices, such as Servcorp, establish their offices in functional and important locations throughout the city. These include One Mayfair Place, the Leadenhall Building, Dashwood House, and Canary Wharf. In any of these locations, you can be sure to find yourself surrounded by the dynamic commercial and business life of the city. Locating your business in these areas is sure to give you an instant boost in credibility and prestige.


Extra Support When You Need It


Serviced offices from high-quality providers also ensure that your business gets the support it needs to thrive. After all, they want you to establish an enduring partnership with them. This support includes administrative expertise in the way of receptionist and secretarial services as well as professional IT support. These services can dramatically boost the day-to-day productivity and sense of professionalism in your office. Startups and emerging entrepreneurs often tend to overlook the importance of a solid administrative team. Get a leg up on the competition in this regard by choosing a serviced office.


Premium Benefits


With premium providers of serviced offices, you and your business are also entitled to a host of additional benefits that come with your membership. This includes access to a coworking space on a limited basis as well as access to community events held several times throughout the year. These opportunities for getting to know other business connections in your industry or indeed, other industries are invaluable for those wanting to get a boost into the London business environment.


Serve Yourself With A Serviced Office


With more businesses choosing new models for their everyday operations, serviced offices are rapidly outpacing the importance of traditional offices. This is especially true for those who are just starting out in the London business scene and need to make valuable use of their startup resources. Join the trend and experience the convenience and many benefits that come with serviced offices.


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