Lloyd Claycomb – Problem solving made easy: resolve any issue in four simple steps

Have you been tasked with an impossibly huge project, or has life presented you with an issue so overwhelming that getting started is proving to be next to impossible?

Lloyd Claycomb knows what you are going through, as he has plenty of experience dealing with these large issues. An entrepreneur that has owned a construction company for more than a generation, dealing with challenges has become part of his job description.

If he ran away from a problem every time they manifested themselves, his business would have failed, and he would have never ended up on top of the Denver building industry.

Is learning how to easily resolve issues easily a priority of yours? Steal the road map we have cobbled together below and you’ll be slaying issues like a madman before you know it.

1) Know your enemy

You won’t be able to take effective action on problems you face if you have no idea about their origins, or how other people have tackled it in the past.

Jump into it and start learning about the issue – when you do your homework, any fears you had built up inside you will begin to sublimate once you begin to understand how it works.

It’s easy to be afraid when you have no idea how to approach a problem. When you figure out what powers an issue, self-confidence and resolve will get into your bones.

2) Cut it up into easy-to-digest pieces

As ludicrous as it sounds, eating an elephant is totally doable – just not all at once. By sawing it up into a bunch of pieces, cooking up the first piece, and jam-packing the rest in the freezer, you’ll consume the whole thing eventually.

This example makes it easy to confront an intimidating project. For example, you can’t clear your desk of TPS reports by pulling a Criss Angel magic trick – but hitting the ground running will get you done the first report faster than if you mused about how tough you have it for two hours.

By defining the steps you need to get done in the beginning, whatever comes after will become obvious as you move forward. Eventually, you’ll have a plan that will make getting to your end goal infinitely easier.

3) Vigorously move forward with your plans

Procrastination will destroy your dreams if you allow it to become a habit. By jumping in and hustling hard, however, you will shocked with how fast your dreams can become reality.

Use inertia to your advantage, because if you don’t, it will hold you back. It’s tough to get started when you aren’t doing anything. But once in motion, you’ll be an unstoppable force.

4) Evaluate feedback and take corrective action

Now that you are underway, you be able to collect information that will allow you to see whether you are moving towards your goals.

Evaluate all outcomes, and see if they are moving you towards where you want to be. If it is, lean into your current efforts and hammer on.

If you are stuck in a rut, reflect on what went wrong and take a different approach.

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