LiteFinTech: Starting a new investment plan for Scandinavians

Financial web services have grown tremendously over the past years. LiteFinTech is one of the financial web services which have been providing businesses and individuals in modern cryptocurrencies. LiteFinTech was designed to empower a fast-trade execution with the latest security practices in the industry. And again aiming a fast trade execution and stable wallets does not matter whether you are new to trading and cryptocurrencies LiteFinTech is here for everyone.

Reasons for the development of LiteFinTech were for an honest and transparent market. The major objective is to give better opportunities to Scandinavians by providing them with education and effective tools for trading. New registered users get the opportunity to venture into global financial market by investing in cryptocurrencies. And you can open a free account, get a free wallet and buy or deposit cryptocurrencies.

LiteFinTech offers speed services that include exchanging, sending or receiving cryptocurrencies low exchanges rates offers by comparing other companies in the market. This company has a platform that offers a multi-lingual customer support and also the website is translated up to seven languages. All that is to help traders make accurate decisions while trading. Users without interruption can scan markets and see trade setups.

And for the safety of users funds, customers have an account set apart from the company funds. There are reasons for the separation. One is to distinguish one group of money from the other in order to avoid wrong usage of any of them. Another advantage of this is to establish which money belongs to the clients, if anything wrong happens to the company. That’s the reason why clients have different account where their funds are stored separately from LiteFinTech, the company has two accounts to confirm funds are separated from each other. The company works with Barclays bank to make sure their clients receive the best service. User’s funds are never used in any company’s action or any other investments just to ensure that they are always protected.

LiteFinTech has an Investor Compensation Fund which was set up for handling any claim from covered clients by compensating clients when the company is unable due to financial circumstances. Investor compensation fund was set up following the investment firms law 2002 as amended and the establishment and operation of an investor compensation fund for customers of ICFs Regulations of 2004 were issued under the law.

Clients of an ICF member can be compensated despite the number of accounts one holds, currency and place of offering the investment service. All this is to ensure that as a client of LiteFinTech you are assured when trading all of your trades will be handled with the highest level of security, integrity and transparency.

LiteFinTech has an award winning MT5 (Meta Trader5) platform, which is easily down-loadable and used by traders in enhancing their presence on the cryptocurrency market. When using the MT5 users can run trades both automatically and manually. Scandinavians are offered an investment plan which features a service without commission and free education for users. Moreover, the special service is designed according to the current state of Scandinavian market, considering interests rates and tax.

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