Life with Technology

Do you remember Life before technology? The funny thing is, it actually wasn’t that long ago. Just look at the difference between now and in the 80’s and 90’s.


Dial telephones had been replaced by push button, but if you wanted to contact your friends, the normal way was to walk, however far it was, and knock on the door. If they weren’t in, you walked back home again. Mobiles were in use at the beginning of the 90’s, but they were the size and weight of a small brick. Mobiles only started to get smaller at the end of the 90’s and now of course your telephone is your mini- computer. Richard Branson was busy selling vinyl records in the 80’s, but he didn’t waste any time getting into the mobile phone business and today even small children have a phone. However, back we used to talk into them, rather than message and tweet everything, like we do today! And there weren’t any Online Loan Companies like Wonga to help us buy that must have telephone before pay day.


Do you remember the days before computers, what on earth did we do? It’s so hard now to imagine a life without computers.

Unfortunately the changes they have brought to our lives aren’t all good. People have had to get used to the idea that they might not have as much privacy as before.  Internet trolls have introduced us to a new and more public form of bullying and photo shopped pictures of thin young and beautiful models and celebrities, has brought teenage angst to a new level.

Before computers you knew who the bullies were, finding out about the private life of a celebrity wasn’t half as easy and people were photographed warts and all.

On the positive side, we can now see the friends and family we are speaking to thanks to Skype. We no longer have to feel silly when we can’t answer the kids homework questions, we can just tell them to Google it and on wet and windy days, we can do all our shopping without leaving the house from anywhere in the world. Now there are computers for home, computers for the office and alienware gaming computers for serious gamers.


Remember playing marathon games of Monopoly, finding out in Cluedo that Miss Scarlet had murdered Colonel Mustard with a candlestick in the study. Enhancing your vocabulary skills with a game of scrabble and getting into some strange positions playing Twister. If you went outdoors it was to hang out in the park with your skateboard. Now everyone has their own TV, and games mean Nintendo, Play Station or X box, although Super Mario and Moshi Monsters are great fun.

If you want to put some nostalgia back in your life, get hold of some of the old games and sit your family round the table, you never know even your teenagers might start to speak to you!

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