Life Altering Accidents

Any accident which brings damage to your daily life qualifies as a personal injury. It also includes mental stress or disturbances faced by you. Most people approach a lawyer or attorney in such cases. Be it a personal injury attorney Ohio or any other lawyer. The choice falls on your soldier.


But when it comes down to legal case a lot of terms might be used. A few of them might puzzle you. In such a case it is a requirement to be aware of all such terms.


Some of the important terms which you need to be aware of are,

Abstract of title

You might hear it then and there. It basically refers to documents. Also, it refers to all recorded items and other files that affect the case.

Contingency fee

This is something that many lawsuits follow. It is the fee that the lawyers or attorney charge. However, it is collected only when the lawyer has successfully won the case. If the attorney fails to win the claim then no fee is charged. The fee is taken from the money which is the result of the victory.

Liability insurance

This is similar to any other kind of insurance. The holder can claim against any loss due to a is mishappening. The party holding the insurance will be provided with compensation if any.

Worker’s compensation

This is something that is generally used. The workers might tend to get injured during their work hours while performing the work. In such a case he might receive compensation. This is a worker’s compensation. He might be paid on the basis of injury suffered.

Wrongful death

In some cases, a  person dies because of other’s carelessness. That is where law terms it has wrongful death. These cases are mostly filed by the dead person’s family, friends or anyone who is close. In this case, the family receives compensation.


This is a legal document. It is issued by the court. The document is a legal way through which you tell a person that he issued.


This refers to the victim who files a case. In other words, a person who makes a complaint claiming compensation is the plaintiff.

Premises liability

A person might slip and fall due to damaged flooring. He might suffer a serious loss due to the accident. Then he might file a case against the owner of the property. Then the owner is liable to the injured person.

Partial disability

In these cases, the compensation is made on the basis of the victim’s earning capacity. You might come across this in workers comp cases.


This is nothing but filling the case. That is when making a complaint it is called litigation.

Loss of consortium

This is a case where compensation is made to the spouse of the victim. The compensation is given due to the loss of a partner.


I hope that hereafter all what the lawyers speak don’t sound like gibberish. You will understand things well. Also, having a lawyer or personal injury attorney Ohio on your side is beneficial.


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