LG G Pro Lite- Design and features


LG has been gearing up for the battle between all flagship companies and seeing for the bright success of its launches. In the same order last month company has come up with its new 5.5inch IPS display phone named as LG G Pro Lite. If you are looking for a dual SIM mid budget phone then this might be a good option for you. LG G Pro Lite is a dual SIM version of its predecessor LG Optimus G Pro. By launching this smartphone company was able to create a buzz in the mid budget segment. Along with the usual features this phone offers you some goodies also such as Quick Remote, Quick Translator, KnockOn etc. Let’s check out the features and phone specifications before thinking about to buying it.

LG G Pro Lite LG G Pro Lite  Design and featuresDesign of LG G Pro Lite

As mentioned earlier it’s the predecessor of LG Optimus G Pro and looks almost similar to that. The looks are dynamic and sleek, which are enough to impress you. The texture on the back panel makes it separate from other cheap phones and also scratch resistant. At the bottom of display the phone has capacitive touch buttons that are very responsive and very smooth to experience.

User Interface

The LG G Pro Lite comes with the outdated version of Android v4.1.2 JellyBean, but company clams that they will soon launch its OS update. The home-screen and lock-screen you can customize very easily and also you can select the background theme option as you like.

Display of LG G Pro Lite

The LG G Pro Lite boasts a 5.5 inch IPS LCD display which supports the resolution of 540x960pixels, and turns out with the pixel density of 200ppi. With the IPS display you’ll be able to see your pictures with original colors nothing would be less or more. Enjoy the movie and videos with your friends with full clarity and resolution on the big screen.


The wide display of 5.5inch LCD makes it a perfect piece for typing or doing anything on the screen. Whether you type in landscape mode or portrait, it’s simply easy to use the touch pad. The wide screen makes the chances of errors very less and you get a good experience of texting and documentation. This phone also offers Auto Capitalize, Auto Punctuation, Auto Correction, and Prediction etc. which are really worthy for typing.


It’s very comfortable to browse internet on LG G Pro Lite, scrolling through the heavy media pages this phone offers a smooth experience of browsing. With the regular features like pinch-to-zoom and double tap to zoom, this phone still deserves a good feedback. The phone comes with pre-installed Google Chrome and Opera Mini software, which makes your browsing easy. Thus, browsing on the LG G Pro Lite is really an enjoyable experience on such a colorful and large display.

LG G Pro Lite is a mid range smartphone by LG, battling in a tough market with other rivals of flagship companies. The phone has good features which makes it a worth to buy handset. If you are seeking for a mid budget smartphone then you may go with this one.

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