Leo Vegas gets a new brand ambassador – Johny Vegas joins the game!

LeoVegas, TSW client, launched their brand new TV advert on the 22nd of February, Wednesday which started their brand ambassador, Johny Vegas aside a similar-faced Leo, the Lion. TSW has been planning to acquire all TV activity of LeoVegas and now the debut ad 90” copy ran on Sky 1 during Ross Kemp: Libya’s Migrant Hell and the 60” copy was aired while the new episode of Legion was being aired at 21:42. Joining hands with the British comedian, cult hero and actor, Johny Vegas, LeoVegas kept on paving their way as the one-and-only King of mobile casino. The reason for selecting this entertainer was his amazing sense of humor and his relation with the Brits. According to LeoVegas Mobile Casino, he is going to be the ideal second ambassador for LeoVegas which is sure to drive growth in the UK market.

It turns out that LeoVegas is such a huge online casino that it requires not one but two brand ambassadors. People and audience were already familiar with the suave yet faint lion and now there will be yet another similar face that will join him. Johnny Vegas is the aptly named man and he is the one who has bagged it up in the audition.

What does the 90” copy show?

The 90” copy shows 2 comrades talking over how LeoVegas provides entertainment at your fingertips with a competitive and playful relationship between the pair of actors. The lion is the one who maintains his calm, cool and collected manner as the debut Johnnie Vegas stumbles throughout the entire set with his clumsy charm that’s undeniable. It is indeed a well-matched pair which embarks on different scenes from leaping stylishly out from a helicopter over the Vegas strip to starring talking dolls on Japanese Television.

This is a campaign which targets to communicate the fact that Leo Vegas is the king of mobile casino since it has got more mobile games than others. This campaign has been created by Now which shows the 2 brand ambassadors who are accomplishing the duties to different degrees of success. In spite of the new efforts and techniques adopted, Vegas actually find it tough to abide by the talents of Leo Vegas who seems to win out at every stage.

The London creative marketing agency, NOW, said while marketing its new advertisements that they wanted to bring in original thinking amalgamated with a slight touch of humor to the UK casino campaign. They wanted to add a new touch to the brand message, something away from the uniformed creative and bland way of promoting their ad which has so far been predominant in casino advertising.

So, Leo Vegas Mobile Casino is all set to put fire to the marketing campaign on mobile casinos and impress their clients like never before. The comic actor Johnny Vegas has definitely done a good job in helping them reach out to their target audience.

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