How the latest mobile app developments shape the online casino industry

We keep playing with tons of apps on a daily level and we also keep on spending money on buying extras on many of our games. Payment through iOS is extremely easy and surely you can also setup your account quite easily in Google Play as well. Now, as it seems the gates also start to open to let online casino games join the already large list of apps which you can now download and use.

The risk of online games

While there are still many who prefer to gamble live and in person being at a Casino or playroom, thanks to the huge expansion of online gambling sites and due to the fact that there are less and less fraudsters, which means, online casinos will pay your winnings, online casinos keep on getting more and more popular all around the world. This is of course risky as there are lots of minors who download and play online apps, if the casino apps can get properly regulated, then it can be ensured they are played by those over the legal age of 18-21 ( depending on the country).

Naturally the risk of heavy addiction is still flourishing, however if one can get it not to run out of control, online gambling can be just as fun to play as any other apps, where you may end up spending some extra money to play even more.

Online casinos are present on the internet since 1997 when the first online gambling website has opened up its gates. Since then, online gambling has become tremendously successful and its income, if not yet topples, but is getting very close to that one of land casinos.

Online betting

Before online casinos could conquer the mobile app market, there has been another method of gambling that has been the fastest in terms of winning /or losing money. This is the online betting and lottery apps which have been flourishing since around 2012. According to market researchers by the end of 2018 online casino apps will produce 40% of the total online gambling income. While online betting only accepted cards so far, which kept many people away from the betting ups, for fear of their card details being exposed, today’s brand new integrated kiosk apps, where you can also pay with cash, print our your tickets and even use online chat to make the experience more personal, the online betting is to be soon revived.

Online casino apps

Thanks to the high profile technologies and much speedier and reliable internet connection provided which make online gambling an experience much better and life-like than before, the play blackjack on your mobile is set to flourish, no matter what sort of games you would like to play: from slots or poker to roulette all is easily accessible and a fun experience to play. Casino apps are more and more in demand throughout the whole world with online casinos currently looking into all the possibilities VR can offer in the near future. With this in mind it’s estimated for online casino apps to make 100% billion USD income by the end of the year.

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