What You should Know about the Legal Aspects of Gambling Online in the USA

Gambling has been around for years – and we have special places we visit for our love of the game, from Las Vegas to Atlantic City and more. But we’re talking here about brick and mortar casinos, casinos which we can physically visit to enjoy a few games or spins. How about online gambling? The fact is, there’s the mistaken assumption that online gambling in the good old US of A is not legal. This is far from the truth, as there are now more states where online gambling has become allowed, as confirmed by the Playing Legal website. So if you’re interested in taking up online gambling or fantasy sports betting, here’s what you should know about the legal aspects of gambling online in the USA.


The basics


In certain states, such as New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada, online gambling on qualified sites has already become legal, particularly when it comes to poker rooms and online casinos. But some other states, such as California, look like they will soon be following the trend. But what most people are unaware of is that online betting on horse racing can actually be done in most states, as long as you know the proper way to do so.


A look at some states’ online gambling laws:




In California, as mentioned, some legislative proposals were already underway to legalize online poker, but the bills weren’t acted upon. All indications point to the re-introduction of new bills in the future. But in essence, California is actually an ambiguous state when it comes to online gambling, because there is no law in the state that prohibits players from gambling online. To be on the safe side, however, if you’re in California, the best thing to do would be to check your local regulations regarding online gambling.




In Kentucky, there is no law which prohibits players from engaging in gambling activities. There is a law, however, called ‘Advance Gambling Activity,’ which prohibits operators, but it doesn’t seem to apply to individual players. The law in Kentucky doesn’t show any penalty for playing as a gambler.




Maine is another state where lawful online gambling doesn’t seem to be illegal. Unlawful gambling is seen as a criminal act in the state, but there don’t seem to be any penalties for individual players who decide to dabble in online gambling. And since there are no known penalties, the act of online gambling is not deemed illegal.


Other states, such as Nevada, allow online gambling on known and licensed sites for poker, and New Jersey, as mentioned, has online casinos which are completely legal. New York has some laws that target operators rather than players, so online gambling may be considered legal in the state if you are a mere player instead of an operator.

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