Key Components for a Career in the Tech Industry

The technology industry is growing faster than any other right now with whole sectors thriving and expanding that weren’t even born ten years ago. Take the search engine optimisation industry as one prime example, agencies that started with SEO in mind are now expanding into social media management, web design, development and email marketing with staff members of all levels of experience now employed in a company that is growing rapidly.


To find a career in the tech sector, you might think, is easy then… with so many opportunities available, everyone who wants a job based around computers should be able to find one, get one, and thrive in one. Unfortunately that’s not always the case as these agencies are offering services which are highly technical and providing their clients with bespoke packages which can make or break them – both of them in fact – and as such they need the very best employees.


An IT sales job recruiter like Lucas Blake wouldn’t put just anyone forward for an IT sales position, they would look for particular skills and attributes to ensure that the client they were working with got the opportunity to interview those with the exact skills and levels of experience they’re looking for, and the same is true for the whole technology industry with bosses looking for assets that make these candidates stand out from all of the others. These might include:


Social Media

Being able to use social media is becoming increasingly important with more and more companies either offering social media management as a package, or expecting their employees to be able to use the likes of Facebook and Twitter for marketing purposes so that they can reach out to prospective customers and an audience who may be looking for their services through what they post online.



Having the ability to interpret data is also growing in importance as businesses continue to use data to drive their decisions. With access to software like Google Analytics companies are able to build whole strategies based on the data available to them and having someone who can not only analyse the various numbers, facts and figures but the ability to compile them into a report or presentation that could win them a new client is becoming vital.


Web Development

You don’t need to know how to create a website from scratch but being able to use the back-end of a website is a very good skill to have. Sites built on platforms like WordPress are relatively simple to use and having the ability to go into the system and put in particular codes to make analytics tracking easier or to put an article live on the web is key showing you have transferrable skills which can be used across the company.

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