Keep Your Key Players: Employee Retention Tips That Work

You likely have employees whom you feel are the backbone of your company and essential to your overall success. As you work with these unique individuals to bring out the best in your organization, do yourself a favor and put in some effort to retain these star players so they remain with your company rather than growing discontent and taking their talent and skills elsewhere. Here are a few tips to help you with your retention goals.


Make Your Employees Feel Valued


While you likely let your key players know you value them, you’ve also got to put your words into action and show them you hold them in high regard. This means turning to them for input on ways to improve the company and letting them make decisions for themselves once you feel they’ve earned that level of trust. When employees feel wanted and secure in their positions, they have little reason to start looking for employment elsewhere.


Provide Them With Opportunities


Skilled and experienced workers crave opportunities to take their abilities to the next level, so be sure to give them chances to do just that. Specifically, you’ll want to give them opportunities to gain more professional skills. While employees appreciate working for a company willing to chip in to help them earn a higher degree, you may not be in a financial position to make such an offer. If not, consider a mentorship instead. That way, employees are still learning from experts in their field, and you don’t have to spend as much as you would on a full education program.


Put the Right Managers and Supervisors in Place


Your star employees could love their jobs but feel differently about the person they report to. This report by Hired helps companies improve their employer brand and offer clarity into what matters most to job seekers, and you can scroll down and see that feeling unappreciated by management plays a part in employees leaving a company. That’s why your management team needs to know how to sculpt employee expectations, provide regular and useful feedback and make it clear how employees can succeed in their roles.


Be 100 Percent Honest With Employees


Even when times are bad or you’re reluctant to be truthful, you’ve got to be wholly honest with your employees. Those who have been with you long enough likely know your moods, and they can probably tell when something’s up or you’re hiding information. You’ve got to remember that you hold not just someone’s career in your hands, but that person’s income as well, neither of which are to be toyed with. Whether it’s the company not doing as well as you’d hoped, potential layoffs or poor employee performance, find a way to be completely honest without being hurtful.


Offer Benefits, If Possible


If you can, offer your employees some type of benefits, be it health benefits or a retirement fund. You may also be able to offer PTO, flexible work hours and maternity/paternity leave. Even if you can’t offer as many benefits as you may like, your team is sure to appreciate your efforts.


Take great care of your best employees and they’re sure to take great care of you and your company. Always remember that you’re both in a mutually beneficial relationship, so do your part to keep the bond (and your organization) going strong.

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