Keep your heads up

Car accidents can be disastrous, and they can leave you in trauma. As per a study, about 90 percent of the people die in a car accident in a day. This is just in the US, so imagine about around the world. Sometimes accidents can be a real nightmare leading to unexpected death. Hiring a lawyer like Naqvi injury Law can be really helpful.


Some pointers you must know when you are stuck in an accident are,

Contact 911 and Don’t Move

Once you come out of the accident make sure you call 911. Don’t run away or move your vehicle from the place. Wait until the police arrive. Call the lawyer if the situation is worse. Contact an ambulance if needed.

Be Cautious With Your Information

It is necessary that you contact your lawyer before you do anything. Because there is a chance that whatever you do might cause risk to your case. Don’t share any information with the person you are suspicious of.


Also, it is mandatory that you avoid signing or agreeing to sign any. Taking such decisions without consulting your lawyer is dangerous. At the same time avoid apologizing or expressing your guilt at any means.

Work With the Insurance Company Carefully

The insurance company mostly has a period within which you have to file the case. Make sure you do it within that period. Insurance tries to have a conversation with you and try recording all you speak. This might affect you later on. So don’t indulge in any until your lawyer asks to.

Shut Your Mouth

Leaking the information regarding your case is not something healthy. It might tend to bring a huge loss. So avoid discussing details with unknown people or people you are not close with. Even if you want to do so consult your lawyer before. Basic information may not be hazardous if revealed.

Focus On Evidence

Evidence plays a key role in car accident cases. So when you are at the spot try to picturise everything. This might lend you a helping hand later on. Another important thing is to contact the witnesses. Try if you could have any information from. Let your lawyer you know everything relating to the case. Keep a record of all your medical certificates.


Some tips to remember while choosing a lawyer are,


  • The most important thing is to check their client’s testimonials.
  • Consult with your friend and families. If you have anyone who has undergone through the same event will be even more helpful.
  • Take into consideration the fees he would charge.
  • Don’t ever hesitate to ask any questions to them. Because it is required to make aware of what is happening around.


Try your level best to go with the rules. Make sure that you don’t speak on the phone while driving. Avoid drinking while driving. It is better to avoid that to be a part and worry. About 37% are blamed for using cellphones. This might have been the basic cause of accidents. And don’t forget to go in for Naqvi injury Law.


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