Joe Cianciotto – Great Jobs For Creative Types

When it comes to choosing a career, something that I always recommend people do is to follow their heart and their passion. Riches, power and fame are nice for sure but unless you are something special then the far better outcome to look for in a career is happiness, naturally you will need financial stability to go along with it but walking up every morning and looking forward to going to work is something which few people can say that they do, and I know which bracket I would rather be in.

Today we are going to look at creative types and what kind of job opportunities there are out there if you have a creative mind and wish to follow a career path which will allow you to let your creative juices run free.

Digital Marketing

People like Joe Cianciotto have lead the way in creative, digital marketing and you can do so as well if you want a job which can help you let your creative passion run wild. The world of marketing has always been a hotbed of activity when it comes to creative thinking and the modern digital age is no different. Companies require you to come up with campaigns and manage their brand though creative solutions and if you have a mind that loves to create then this could be a great job for you.


In the past, in order rot be a writer you would have to write a bestseller and get lucky with publishing or study hard at university in order to become a journalist. Things have changed since the internet however and it has never been easier to become a writer if that is where your creative passion lies. Blogging and freelance writing gigs are simple to find online and as long as you are prepared to work hard in order to get your name out there, you can forge a successful career as a writer.


Engineers are the ultimate creators, they design the World that you see around you, they conceive ideas that push forth humanity and they are the masterminds behind all of our advancements as humans. The amount of branches of engineering which you could enter into are numerous and regardless of what other skills you possess aside from being creative, you can find a branch of engineering that deals with this. Engineering is about more than just building design and you could use your creative powers to work in aerospace, chemical, computer, civil or environmental engineering.

Remember that the key to finding a career which you are going to love is to follow what it is that you love doing. I have so many friends who followed the money and now find themselves in a situation where they are financially comfortable but they are emotionally miserable, in my opinion I would prefer things the other way around when it comes to a career choice and if you feel the same, follow your passion.

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