Improving the Customer Journey

At first glance it may sound like simple business jargon, but the customer journey is actually a very important element to your business. The customer journey refers to the experience that any customer has in your business, from the second they walk through the door to the minute they leave the premises. If there’s an issue with something they purchased, this then extends until the issue is resolved. A positive customer journey will make a customer want to come back time and time again, whereas a negative one will almost certainly ensure they never return. Here’s three ways you can improve the customer journey in your business.

  1. Employ a Greeter/ Host: First impressions really do count, and creating the perfect first impression is vital. A host or greeter has the ability to set the tone for a customer’s visit. Their job is to welcome the customer, invite them in and be the first point of contact for any issues. This should make the customer feel at home, safe in the knowledge that they have a point of contact if they’re struggling.


  1. Make Payments Quick and Simple 100% of the Time: There’s no problem too big or too small at the till, and 95% of complaints about all stores comes because of something that has happened at a till. Card machines like those offered by Card Cutters are vital to any business, ensuring that payment can be made swiftly and easily. This way you’ll lower queuing time, meaning that more customers will be likely to purchase the items they want.


  1. Treat Returns Like Any Other Transaction: A return is the perfect second chance to make things right. For this reason, you need to make sure you treat any return like a sale. There’s still a chance for you to earn money for your business because, if you deal with it properly, the customer will be likely to come back, accepting that it is a one off error. If you deal with it badly, however, the customer will be likely to never return and will spread the news that you haven’t dealt with the issue well. As a consequence, this could mean that other people they know never return to your store.

To conclude, the customer journey is of vital importance to your business. The success of your business depends on it and it is something you really ought to be aware of as a business owner. By taking these three simple steps you’ll improve it drastically, reaping repeat custom and happy customers. 

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