Important facts about search marketing

Search marketing is a type of internet marketing activity that will help you to get online presence and traffic with the help of paid and unpaid strategies on search engines like Google. Bing and Yahoo. When we type something to search in Google, a list of possible pages come up along with their link. This is known as search engine results. The higher your rank is in the search engine results, the more traffic you will get in your website.


We always search internet when we look for something. It can be a new restaurant that we are looking for or a new product that we intent to buy. Search marketing lets a business to rank high in the Google search engine results. Every business would want to rank high and be visible to people. That is where search marketing is important for businesses who wants to have a sound online presence and grow in the new future.

Search marketing usually involves two main components-

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Gaining search engine results with the help of unpaid tactics
  • PPC (Pay per click) gaining search engine results through paid tactics

SEO– It is the process of ranking high in the search engine results page. The list of unpaid results appearing on the search engine result page are known as organic listings. Google always comes up with these organic listings by reviewing the text on your website, documents and other types of content. It is also very important for Google to consider the data in your website source code, which is known as meta tags. It also sees whether other sites are directly linked to your website. For Google, the goal is to provide the best search resultsand of you have a bad experience, it will update the algorithms so that higher quality fits your query.

To improve the rank in the organize listing. a business should have quality content to match keywords, write meta data to match keywords, rewrite existing content with optimum presence of keywords. It is also important for a business to get other sites linked to their site and maintain an active social media presence.

This involves a considerable amount of time. Also, SEO is something that take time to come up with possible results. Creating content is time consuming and expensive at the same time. This is when paid search is needed.

PPC: Pay per Click gives you a higher level of control in terms of a searcher’s ability to find your business ad in the search engine results page. With the help of paid search marketing, businesses tell Google for which search terms they want their ads to show. Google shows the ads and takes money from the business when someone clicks on the ad and is automatically redirected to the website. The money is not paid for the show of your ads matching the search query, it is paid when the searcher clicks on your ad. The amount you pay is known as Cost-Per-Click(CPC).

For this every business needs to create a Google AdWords account. They also need to create a list of keywords that can match the query of common people. The list of keywords is usually related to the business. So whenever, a user types the keyword, the business ad comes up. Each keyword has an amount fixed to it, which is known as Cost-Per-Click. The amount of CPC is decided by the advertiser or the business itself. A PPC agency or a digital marketing agency can always help a business or an advertiser to go about with this process.

These are some of the effective paid and unpaid tactics to get a higher ranking in the search results. For any organization to have a sound online presence, it is very important to rank high in the results.

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