HP Large Format Printers: What are they and what can you use them for?

Most offices require only an A4 printer to print out customer reports, sales reviews and other documents but for businesses that need to print spreadsheets or graphics at a larger size than normal, an A4 printer just isn’t going to cut it. For instance, graphic arts studios will need dedicated printers to print at tabloid size and super-tabloid size without shirking on quality.

This is where large format printers come in. They can print at a variety of large sizes on a variety of materials; perfect for businesses printing something a bit out-of-the-box.

HP’s relationship with large format printers

Hewlett-Packard (HP) are one of the market leaders in large format printers and for good reason; their machinery can produce high-quality prints that are water resistant and can remain unchanged for up to 200 years, depending on the material you’re printing on.

Large format printers tend to be used for photos and big prints; if offices are using such printers for simple text documents then it’s akin to hopping in the Lamborghini to go food shopping – it does the job but it’s a waste of resources. Large format printers are perfect for producing vivid, high-impact photos in a range of sizes, not simply for printing out a standard covering letter.

Certain printers from HP also contain a number of features to ensure reliable results; an essential component for any graphic designer. For instance, the HP Design jet Z2100 has an advanced print preview which helps designers avoid trial and error printing tactics: you can just simply preview the layout while sizing and positioning your print on the paper. In addition, the HP Color Center tool helps users through colour management and how to get the best colour possible on their print.

Furthermore, HP’s first ever ’embedded spectrophotometer’ enables the printer to generate custom ICC profiles for your preferred paper in under 20 minutes. Are you sold yet?

So what’s the best?



If you’re looking for the best graphic large format printer, a guide from eBay suggests the HP Design jet Z6200 is the best one on the market at the moment. However, the guide suggests you should be budgeting over £6,000 for a decent solution; a price-point which may leave some businesses stuck. Find a retailer which will let you rent or lease a large format printer if you don’t have the capital for the component upfront; paying in smaller monthly installments could help your firm free up cash to be used in other departments.

In addition, the best large format printer for outdoor use if the HP L26500 Latex printer, described as a “truly diverse” printer by the eBay guide. It is great for printing on vehicle wrapping, polymeric vinyls, fabrics, photo-papers and canvas.

Regardless of your business, there’s a large format printer out there that will cover your printing needs. If you’re still stuck for a large format printer, try speaking to a reputable printer retailer for some expert advice and a quote on a printer, hopefully solving all your printer woes.

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