How Wide Format Printing Can Help Your Business

The print industry defines “wide format” printing as any print job that exceeds 45 inches by 60 inches. This covers quite street flags, stadium flags, highway signs, indoor and outdoor banners, and other items such as cutouts. All are marketing opportunities.

Where is Wide Format Printing Marketing Used?
According to the marketing strategy magazine, Print Promo, businesses that favor wide format printing as part of their marketing plans are, Retail, Restaurants and Healthcare

But, other industries that often make use of wide format printing – especially outdoor banners – are banks, commercial property for rent, apartments for rent and new homes and condominiums for sale. However, any business that wants high visibility from pedestrians and car traffic finds that bigger is an economical and effective advertising method. The list of the kinds of companies that can gain from wide formats is almost endless.

Banners – are an ideal product for printing in wide format and can be nearly any size. If printed on vinyl they last for a long time while retaining vibrant color.

Window and Vehicle Wraps – these are products made by printing graphics on clear vinyl that are then glued to a window or vehicle. Vehicle wraps serve double duty as mobile advertising.

Tradeshow Exhibits – banners and booth wall covers must be large enough to so that visitors see them across an exhibit hall floor. Wide format printing is an excellent solution.

Magnetic Cling Decals – These panels have graphics printed over a thin magnetic sheet. When placed on cars, trucks, metal doors, and other places where they enjoy visibility they make excellent marketing pieces.

Retail Signage – this broad category include interior and exterior signage, lighted signs, road signs and other signs that advertise your business and location.

Promotional Signs – use these signs to reinforce a particular campaign your business is conducting such as a special offer or event.

Cost is Always a Factor
Rather than a new business spending $2,500 on a Yellow Page ad that few will see, the merchant can allocate $1,000 to banners that change monthly and still have money left over to apply to social media marketing.

Applications for Wide Format Printing
A survey of 300 Wide Format buyers revealed no surprises. The top applications for these products are banners, posters, and signs. But, the survey also disclosed that photographers have started using these formats, too.

The survey also showed that wide format applications for flags, drawings, proofs, and textiles were declining.

Today’s digital technology delivers colorful and crisp printing that looks attractive and creates a positive company image. More and more, businesses are using wide format printing products inside their locations as well as outdoors. They promote products, sales, and events. Banners, signs, and cutouts in the aisles form a unified, memorable message.

Advantages of Wide Format Printing
Businesses have evolved their demands of printers of wide format to include QR codes and other elements of interactive media in their wide format purchases. This trend is likely to continue.

Three key drivers for choosing print products are quality, price, and speed. Many customers are familiar with the technology and push their print providers to push it to the limit without sacrificing quality.

Even if your business has gone to digital (electronic) display, your peers are mixing the two mediums, digital and wide format. Most digital displays are repetitive and present a lot like the trailer on the bottom of a television screen. They do not keep consumer interest. An intricate beautifully designed and produced product speaks of high quality and holds interest.


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