How To Reduce Your Office Costs

 As a business owner, you know that every cent you save goes through to your bottom line. While you need to invest to make profits, there is absolutely no point in spending money when you don’t need to. This is particularly the case when it comes to your office – you want this to provide a good working environment for your employees and to create a favorable impression on clients, but you need to do this as economically as possible.



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One of the big costs associated with any office is energy usage. If you are constantly surprised by how much your electricity bills are each month, then there are many different ways of bringing these under control. To start with, if you are still using inefficient incandescent lighting in areas of your office, then replace this with modern fluorescent alternatives. Also, install motion sensors so that lights turn on automatically when people are in the office – and then turn off again when they leave. Office equipment – such as copiers and printers – also consume large amounts of electricity, so make sure that these are switched off at nighttime and are configured to go into standby when they are not in use during the day.


Heating and air conditioning also add significantly to your energy bills. You can reduce the cost of both of these simply by making small adjustments to your thermostat. For instance, did you know that turning the temperature down by just one degree in winter can lower heating costs by 3%? This will have very little impact on how comfortable your offices are, but will result in considerable energy savings. In fact, if you program the thermostat to drop the temperature by 10 degrees overnight, this can result in additional savings of up to 10%.


Another thing to look at is your business phone system. If you are still using a traditional phone company for your phone service, then there is a good chance you are paying far too much. Companies such as sipVine provide IP-based telephony services that are much more economical and offer very high quality. In fact, because these services use VoIP, you can get many more advanced features than you would with a traditional phone service. For instance, you can integrate voice directly with your customer service software, or even let people dial in to meetings simply by clicking on the telephone number in the calendar invitation.



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Finally, change the way that you purchase things such as office supplies. Rather than buying what is needed on an ad hoc basis, make a monthly office supply budget and then buy everything at once. The advantage of this approach is that you can get discounts because you are making larger purchases rather than just buying individual items on a one-off basis. Also, check online for companies that specialize in providing office supplies – you can often get a better price if you do this instead of dealing with a local supplier.

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