How to protect your business in the New Year

With 2014 signalling yet another year, now is the perfect time for businesses to implement changes to ensure they continue to build on any success they’ve already achieved. An important part of this is taking necessary steps to protect your business and all the assets it yields.


Here are a few top suggestions on how to protect your business for 2014.



Physical protection


The first thing you need to consider when protecting your business is the ideal of physical protection. This means ensuring that any goods, materials, equipment and stock are held securely within business premises or storage units. These places should be kept thoroughly secure to prevent theft, damage or vandalism.


Security cameras, locks and other measures are all important parts of this type of protection. You also need to consider the security of other physical assets including business vehicles. This means keeping them stored safely overnight and when not in use and ensuring they are securely locked when parked.


Fitting tracking systems is also recommended and can help you monitor employee’s use of the vehicles as well as identifying their location should they be stolen or lost.

lock file

Financial protection


After this, you need to consider how to protect your business finances. This means investing in insurance for business purposes so that you can be sure that any claims against you are handled without the need to dip into your pocket.


There are numerous business insurance policies which you can take out and a few main ones which you might like to consider are:


  • General business insurance
  • Business vehicle insurance
  • Specialist business insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Employer liability insurance


All of these can help protect you against the cost of replacing or repairing physical damage in the event of an accident or malicious damage as well as safeguarding the reputation of your company should you be at the other end of a compensation claim or other legal dispute.


Digital protection


Finally, with most, if not all, business now online, digital protection is another area your business needs to consider. Anti-virus software and online protection are all vital programmes you need and you should look for complete packages which scan for malware and other malicious content as well as checking the legitimacy of online sites you visit and digital requests sent or received through your network.

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