How To Promote Your Office Christmas Party

Organizing a Christmas office party is something that is really beneficial for the entire company. However, it is an event that is really hard to market. This is mainly due to the fact that company employees do not actually want to take part in such a party as they just want time off. We are faced with a time in which most employees just want to spend some time with family members.


In theory, the people that have to organize the Christmas office party simply choose a good venue through services like, plan everything and then send invitations. This is what many believe as the only things that have to be done. Things couldn’t be farther away from the truth. The actual organizing of the event will take a lot of time and promoting it is even more difficult. You cannot simply send normal invitations and expect all receivers to attend. Many will actually say that they come and will not. It would be a shame to end up with an empty room.

Practice – Tips To Help You Market Your Christmas Party

Believe it or not, promoting the office Christmas party starts in the moment in which you decide what theme the party will be. This means that you have to be really careful that the party theme is one that resonates with as many possible participants as possible. By simply choosing a theme that is really a lot of fun, you would increase the possibility of success.

Getting back to the actual promotion, a vital part is the invitation you will send. The invitation has to include everything that is important like location, time and where people can learn more about the Christmas party. The more details included, the more likely that the guests will be intrigued. In the event you have a party theme, make sure that you build the invitation according to the theme.

Word of mouth helps a lot in promoting the office Christmas party. Make sure that you talk with some employees that are most likely to participate. Ask them to talk with other employees so that you can easily get them to promote the event for you.

Use the internal communication channels that are currently available for you. This includes internal newsletters. The idea is to make sure that every single person that is an employee should hear directly about the office Christmas party and needs to be sent an invitation, even if in a digital format. If just some of the guests receive the invitation, you end up faced with a wish not to come for those that were not directly invited.

The truth is that promoting any office Christmas party is a daunting task that needs to be allotted enough time. Too many organizers simply think about getting rid of the promotion, will send invitations and this is the only promotion that they do. Allow employees to ask questions and always be available for answers. You need to tackle this promotion just as you would any external event marketing promotion.



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