How to Overcome Jealousy in Your Relationship

You’ve officially finalized the details of your office bathroom remodel with, when you get a call from your partner. They wanted to see if you wanted to grab dinner with some mutual friends. You love your mutual friends, but you can’t help but feel jealous of them. They seem so much smarter than you, and you feel like your partner sees this too.


Jealousy is an awful feeling, and that’s why we’re here to help by offering some advice on how to overcome jealousy in your relationship.


Figure Out Where Your Jealousy Stemmed From


We weren’t born with jealousy in our hearts, but jealousy is something that we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. Jealousy, not to be confused with envy, is when you feel that someone else is a threat to your relationship on some level. One of the ways to overcome this uncomfortable feeling is to figure out where your jealousy stemmed from. Typically, our traits and behaviors stem from childhood, and they manifest later in our adult lives. Was there a part of you, when you were younger, that felt you weren’t good enough? Did you see the world as a threat, so you always tried to stand out in order to get attention?


Talk it Out With Your Partner


Jealousy can have a major impact on the health and security of your relationship. It’s important that you be vulnerable with your partner and express how you feel. Although you’d like not to feel jealousy in the relationship, if it’s already there – it’s best to communicate this with your partner. If you have a healthy significant other, they should be able to help reassure your jealous tendencies. This reassurance will help you to feel safe in the relationship. As we know, jealousy stems from a place where we feel threatened. If you’re consistently reassured by your partner, the threat starts to lessen. Over time, your feelings of jealousy will naturally dissipate as you learn to feel more comfortable and secure in the relationship.


Practice Self-Love Techniques


Self-love practices are an excellent way to help you overcome feelings of jealousy. If you feel that other people are a threat to your relationship, it likely means that you don’t feel good about yourself. You might feel as if you’re lacking something whether it be intelligence, beauty, or money. This is where self-love comes into play. When you practice self-love, you learn to see all that you have to offer. Instead of feeling that someone has more than you, you’ll be able to appreciate what others have while still feeling comfortable and safe in your own skin.


Switch The Narrative


It’s impossible to completely rid yourself of jealous thoughts. After all, we can’t control the thoughts that pop into our minds. What’s important is not the jealous thought, but it’s what you do with it. Instead of believing everything that comes into your mind, like a jealous thought, switch the narrative. When a jealous thought manifests, take a breath, and remind yourself that there’s no threat. An example would be, “Wow, she’s so much prettier than me. I don’t want my partner seeing her,” and once that thought occurs, switch it to say, “Wow, she’s beautiful, but so am I. My partner chose me for a reason, and I feel secure enough in the relationship not to find every beautiful person threatening.”


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