How to Make a Good First Impression on Customers with Great Product Packaging

Product Packaging

If you were to ask any multi-million dollar company about what one of the keys to their success is, we’re willing to bet that something they would mention is their product packaging. There are several reasons why. For one thing, good product packaging is an effective way to market your product. Another reason is that product packaging is a smart way to separate yourself from other brands. Plus, when you have the right kind of packaging, it’s something that your customers will remember long after they remove your product from it.

So, being that product packaging is so essential, we wanted to provide you with a few tips on things that you can do that will make a good first impression on your customers when it comes to the packaging that your provide.
Check these five tips out below:

Choose appealing colors. If you’ve never read an article on color psychology, basically it’s the study of how various colors can evoke a certain kind of feeling in us. For instance, while blue can make us feel calm, red is the color of passion. While yellow can make us feel bright, green can make us feel secure. So, as you’re planning out what kind of packaging to do for your product, make sure to take color into account. You can read more about color psychology as it directly relates to packaging at Just go to the site and put “packaging” in the search field.

Consider the shape and size. Another important factor in good product packaging is selecting something that is easy to carry. This means that you must take the shape and size into serious consideration. For instance, say that you make leggings and you want to package them in a plastic triangular box. Although it might look cute, if it doesn’t have a handle, it could be challenging for your customers to hold on to. So, when it comes to the shape and size, it’s essential that you take a practical approach.

Be smart about the environment. As more people are becoming passionate about doing what they can to preserve the environment, a part of what comes with that is using sustainable materials; even when it comes to product packaging. Therefore, spend some time researching what kind of materials you can use that will result in there being less waste. If you mention that your packaging is eco-friendly, it’s sure to earn some extra bonus points with your customers.

Make sure it’s affordable. One mistake that a lot of people make is spending so much time on coming up with a creative package design that it almost ends up costing them as much as the product itself. Although you want to invest in product packaging for branding purposes, it’s still important that you design a package that is affordable. Be sure to factor that in before mass distributing your packaging.

Have fun with it. If you were a paper company like Paper Mart , this final point wouldn’t be as much of an issue simply because you are actually selling gift bags for other people to put items inside of. But when it comes to other things like toiletries, sporting equipment and even food, don’t forget that your product packaging should represent the personality of your business. Therefore, don’t be afraid to have fun with your concepts. Remember, the more distinctive you are, the more memorable you and your product will be! For more information on how packaging can affect your brand, visit Get Busy Media and put “brand packaging” in the search field.

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