How to Grow Your Brand’s Online Presence Using Social Media      

If you own a company like Apple, Microsoft, or Samsung, you probably don’t need to remind your customers about how trustful your brand is constantly. However, most of us are not in that privileged spot, which is why we must use different online branding and marketing strategies to improve our business’ online presence.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a big corporation to build a powerful brand, and in this article, we’re about to discuss how can any of us improve our business’ online presence with a few very handful and useful tips.

#1 Associate your brand with emotions

Branding’s primary goal is to produce a specific set of ideas and emotions in the mind of the potential consumer whenever he or she encounters it. A powerful brand is one that sends a specific message and constantly does that.

In case your brand is related to comedy, you want it to be associated with joy, vibrant energy, laughter, or any similar emotions. Because of that, when you send a message out in public, you must include your brand’s name + text with certain expressions, pictures, a particular tone of the voice for videos, or any other details that will create the emotions specific to your field and your brand’s nature.

#2 Provide value to customers

As business owners, we need to use marketing to reach people and use different techniques to improve our image, but it all comes down to what products or services we deliver to our customers, and how much value for money those products or services provide. Digital platforms and marketplaces such as are built based on that framework, and even smaller brands must take that into account.

“Give more than you receive” should be the foundation of any online brand and since not all of them follow that principle, that’s an opportunity for you, since you can be the difference maker.

#3 Use video marketing

In the online world, you’re not constrained to texting, and social media branding through video marketing is one of the methods ignored by many brands who do not have a significant online presence, at least yet.

Images, music, and video will strengthen the identity of your brand in the online world, and if you do thorough research properly, you’ll find out how other powerful brands are using video marketing to enhance their image online, and use it as inspiration for yours.

Even though video content requires more work and maybe even more capital, its results are far more reaching, since you’ll communicate with your audience using different senses (auditive, visual, emotional, etc.).


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