How to Fund a Movie While in Film School

Movie Funding

Develop a Budget

Before you apply for grants or loans for movie funding, it would be a good idea to develop a budget for producing your film. You may want to think about the actors you need to hire, renting a location for the film, cost of producing it and marketing expenses for the film. Without a budget, you may obtain too little or too much funding for your film, or may be at risk of overspending.

Movie Funding 300x167 How to Fund a Movie While in Film SchoolWill Investors Profit From The Film?

If you choose to seek investors to fund your movie, realize that they will not invest unless they know or see that your movie has the potential to succeed. Sit and write out the main purpose for creating your film and then you want to ask yourself if the plot of the movie is unique and if it has structure and organization. These are what investors want to see in a potential film project.

Enter Screenwriters’ Contests

This is an excellent way to get funding and exposure for your film while you are in school. Talk with your professors and inquire about upcoming contests that you can enter. Look at the application guidelines and then start applying.


As a film student your goal is to learn how to create great films but you should also seek exposure for your work while in school so that when you graduate, you will have some work experience under your belt. Before you seek movie funding, you want to edit all of your screenplays so that they will match the excellence in the movie production process. Let your professor look over the screenplays and if necessary, make changes. Once you receive funding, use those funds wisely so that you can create the best movie for the audience you are trying to reach.

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