How To Effectively Promote Your New Business In The Real World

With so many articles on business blogs talking about how you can use the internet to promote your new company and achieve higher profits, you’d be forgiven for thinking real-world promotion is dead, but that really isn’t the case. Although it is absolutely essential that new firms have a strong online presence, unless they have no appeal in their local area, it’s just as important they look at alternative, more traditional means of promotion. Luckily, this is where my speciality lays, so I’m the perfect candidate to give you some handy advice.


More businesses were started globally over the last twelve months than any other time in living memory, and this means there’s lots of competition out there, no matter how unique and original you thought your idea was initially. So, you’ll need to be armed with knowledge about all the most lucrative advertising and promotional avenues, even the ones that have been around for a long time. You see; whilst all the other owners are concentrating on promotion through digital means, you could gain a serious advantage by focusing your efforts on the ones they’ve overlooked.


Local Newspapers


Like it or not, local newspapers (especially free editions) still have significant circulations in most circumstances. This means failing to utilise their services could result in you missing out on some cheap promotion. Sure, the majority of the people who actually read through their local papers are over the age of 45, but they’ve still got lots of money to spend, so if your products or services could appeal to them, I say go for it. A full page spread in most small newspapers will cost less than £1000, but if you’re savvy enough, you could get a mention for free. All you need to do is identify a newsworthy element to your business, and you might find they offer to write an article for nothing.


Leaflets / Posters / Brochures


Digital printing is a vital element to any real-world advertising and promotional campaign, so make sure you find a specialist who understands exactly what you want before parting with any cash. You could have some leaflets designed and have them pushed through people’s front doors, or you could even have brochures made for when you’re attending trade exhibitions. Both will create a more professional atmosphere around your business, and both should help to draw in new customers or clients.


Radio / TV


Again, most people seem to place more emphasis on getting funny promotional YouTube videos uploaded than on the benefits of radio or TV advertising these days, and this is where many of them go wrong. Sure, you can drum up a lot of interest though a popular online video, but that interest will come from all over the world. If your potential customer / client base is more localised, you’ll get a far more positive response from radio or TV.


So there it is my entrepreneurial friends. You should now have a better understanding of what promotional techniques you can use in the real world to compliment those you’re already using online.


Good luck with the new company, I hope it makes you a millionaire.

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