How to dispose of confidential material

There has been a great deal in the press recently about the risk of confidential information being leaked to the public or accessed by thieves. Even the biggest and most renowned companies have had security issues. Unfortunately, the waste from a business is often one of its most overlooked risks. Something as simple as discarded paper can hold valuable and extremely confidential information.


To this end, any business that wants to make sure its private information stays private should look for the most secure and efficient solutions. This can often be outsourced to professionals such as Thetford International Commercial Waste Disposal, but there are a few methods you can adopt to improve and help.


Secure access


It goes without saying that access to confidential waste is one of the major risks, so always ensure limited access at all times. By making one person responsible for dealing with the most confidential information and ensuring it is stored and disposed of efficiently is of utmost importance.


Reduce volumes


In a similar fashion, there is a reduced risk if you diminish the volumes of confidential documents and materials being discarded. Secure documents should not be printed and displayed unless absolutely necessary. If you can cut back on the number of financial reports or company dossiers entering the bin to begin with, there is less for any would-be criminal to find. As an added bonus, you’ll be making your company greener and more environmentally- friendly.


Shred documents


Of course, it is next to impossible to completely eliminate your carbon footprint. Some documents will inevitably need to be discarded, so it helps to have further measures to make these less easy to interpret. Shredding, for instance, is a common method. The more finely shred the paper is the longer it will take to put back together – mix this in with other shredded documents and the private information from you business becomes much less tempting.


Professional storage


Public bins are easily accessible and, thus, not a safe option. One of the major benefits of outsourcing your waste disposal is the storage methods available. A bin can be blown over, spreading your documents out for everyone to see. This simply isn’t possible with a sturdy, metal compactor.

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