How to determine whether or not you can sue the railroad

If you were the victim of a railroad crossing accident, you can sue the railroad if they didn’t follow proper guidelines. There are some things that need to be checked when the train is approaching the crossing. If there is a railroad failure and there were injuries due to the accident, you can sue the railroad. Often people don’t sue simply because they are not clear whether they can do it or not. Therefore, here is a full guide that will show you whether or not you can sue the railroad in case of the accident.

You can surely seek the advice of an experienced train accident lawyer to know the exact case that can be sought. However, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration.

Speed of the train

The train should be arriving at an appropriate speed when the crossing is near. If the speed of the train is faster than it should be, you can file a case against them. There is no specific speed limit that they will need to follow and also it will vary from place to place. However, if you think the speed of the train was faster when it was arriving at the crossing, you can file a case.

Honking the horn

Whenever the crossing is near, it is the railroad’s duty to ask the train to blow the horn before they pass through the crossing. Even if the train’s horn wasn’t working, they would be considered at fault. In such cases, you can file a case against them seeking the advice of a lawyer.


Signals play an important role in warning people and guiding them. It is the railroad’s duty to fix any signal issues they have as soon as possible and find a temporary alternative. To conclude, if the signals didn’t turn red and it caused the accident, you can surely sue them and get the money.


There are many other factors and several terms and conditions other than the factors given above. For this reason, we suggest you get a free consultation from a train accident lawyer and see if you were at fault or the railroad was at fault. They don’t charge anything for the consultation. Therefore, you won’t have to pay anything and will get the solution to your query for free. Also, the answer will be precise and according to your case. If you want to go further, you can ask them to file a case.

The factors given are simply for the basic understanding of the law and there are many more laws that everyone should follow. Everyone has some responsibilities as a citizen when you are crossing the railroad. Therefore, you can’t sue them for any reason. You can only do it if you followed everything as you should and the railroad was the one at fault.


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