How to Design a Winning Booth for your Next Marketing Fair

If you and your business are thinking of attending a marketing fair to get your name out there, that’s a really great idea as they’re such a good way of doing so, and they’re also a great way of networking with other likeminded businesses, too.

However, if you don’t have the luxury of a huge design team that will be able to craft you an amazing booth for the event, it can feel like quite a difficult task. Therefore we thought we’d come up with some tips on how to make it a little easier so there’s no reason you can’t ‘wow’ at the next exhibition.

Ensure you include lots of your company’s branding

The main aim of the booth is to inform people about what you do, and to encourage passersby to approach you and find out more about who you are. Therefore they’ll want to know straight away what business you are. It’s estimated that it needs to attract people within 3 seconds before people move on, so at least make sure people remember your name.

Think about your audience

When designing your booth and signage, you’ll need to think about what sorts of things would appeal to your audience. After all; if your audience is predominately males over 60, you might want to steer away from fussy, floral designs. Thinking about your audience and what they want should make it a little easier.

Make sure it has a professional feel

No matter how good your design is, if it’s executed poorly, that’s all people will remember. Therefore it’s so vital that you invest in some really good quality exhibition/presentation stands to put your designs onto. You can even buy them online now for a good price from companies like Marler Haley which takes a lot of the hassle out of it.

Use simple and clean fonts

The typography you opt for will be crucial as you’ll need to ensure it’s easy to read, isn’t too fussy and that it’s big enough. Therefore keep it simple in terms of style, size and colour. There’s an interesting article here regarding choosing a font for your brand which has some really relevant points on this topic that’s well worth having a read of.

Choose your colour palette wisely

As well as choosing your font and typography wisely, you’ll need to choose your colour scheme wisely too so that it all works in harmony to create something that’s interesting and eye catching without being overbearing. As a general rule, avoid fussy or garish patterns, and stick to bold colours with neutrals to keep things complimentary.

Overall, keep things simple

The best advice to follow is to relax and keep things simple when designing your company booth. If design isn’t your forte, it can be tempting to try lots of different techniques and styles together if you’re unsure of what works. However, just trust your instincts and ask advice and opinions of your colleagues. 

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