How to Create an Effective Explainer Video for Your Business Website

As a business or company owner, you are always looking for new, innovative ways to engage your audience and draw them in. While traditional methods are very effective, it can be helpful to look to other modern types of marketing strategies online. Many companies are choosing to create videos to explain what their business can do for customers. Here are some great tips about how to create an effective explainer video for your business website.

  1. You will first need to choose a platform to post your video online. There are lots of options available including YouTube, Vimeo and more. Often YouTube is the most common option since so many people are familiar with this platform. Here you can post your video, check out how many people have watched or shared it, receive comments and feedback and interact with your audience. If you’d like to share other informational videos related to your business later on, you can even create a YouTube “channel” where people can search and browse through all of your videos in one location.
  2. Select a person to be in the video, voice over, or use different graphics. Some companies choose to film a person in their video who can explain the company. This is often a great idea because it seems more personal and realistic. Make sure this person feels comfortable and confident presenting in front of others on the screen. Other companies approach the video in a different way and may use images, charts or different types of graphics. In this case you will need to work with a company like Evolve Media or a graphic designer to get the look you are searching for. Often, graphics will still need a voice over to communicate your message. Be sure to select someone with a strong, clear voice for the video.
  3. Consider content and your audience. In order to create an effective and relevant explainer video, you will want to take the time to determine what information is most important for your intended audience. Think about the age group and demographics you need to reach out to. This will help to define your message and determine the style and information your will use. Be sure to test the video out ahead of time on people of this demographic in order to get helpful feedback before you post it for the world to see.
  4. Make sure to link your video to your websites and social media for ideal exposure and sharing. It’s great to have the video posted, but if your audience can’t access the link, what use is it? Make sure that people visiting any of your online pages can easily click on your video and access it instantly. If you can, consider posting this video directly onto your website or upload it to Facebook! This encourages users to check it out and share it with their social circles if they feel the inclination to spread the word about your business or services.

All of these tips will help you to create an effective explainer video that will “wow” your audience and convince them to use your product or service. This is a great way to reach out to the community, set yourself apart from the competition, receive feedback, and make your presence known!


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